“The click between us never went away”

“I keep seeing that little blond boy with big, bright blue eyes sitting on the sofa. Quiet and sweet. He was the oldest and quietest of the three children I nursed. The two children were three years and nine months old. David was six at the time. If I hadn’t found Something in the house, he was the first to help me. I was a girl of about sixteen who helped me when their father and mother – our neighbors across the street – had to move out. And she did it with great pleasure. Of course to earn something extra, but also because they were such a wonderful family. I felt That I’m home from the first moment.

There was something special between us

Immediately there was something special between David and me. Where other kids often tried to get my attention, David really got that attention automatically. Sometimes when I read from the book pinky, he sat down spontaneously with his chair in front of me. When I asked him why he didn’t sit on the sofa with us, he replied that he couldn’t see me properly. This made me laugh. He went to bed alone and I didn’t hear him anymore.

The older the kids get, the less often I have to babysit. When the parents went on vacation, I often stayed home for a longer period of time. Even when I already had my son that I was raising on my own, I was there to sort things out a bit. Doing the laundry, watering the plants and cooking for the kids. David was already working as a truck driver and loved the fact that he could still take care of a little bit.

on vacation together

He was 23 when I came to visit when he was home alone. There were vacation brochures from Aruba in front of him. It has always been my dream to visit that island. I jokingly said, “Can’t I put your inner pocket?” ‘Naturally!’ was the answer. I never expected that he called me a day later to tell me he had booked a ticket for me. I didn’t hesitate and went.

My parents were a little surprised: ‘You? On vacation with David? We decided not to worry about it and had a great vacation. One day we went to the beach where he could surf, and the next we visited a town, because I loved it. Things went smoothly, we took each other into consideration and enjoyed doing things together.

I lost sight

I’ve known David for a long time, and in a good way. It felt familiar. I never thought for a moment that there would be more to it than friendship. After that vacation, we lost each other. In the following years we still had occasional contact, but never met each other again. I was now living in another village and David had gone off to live on his own.

Until the moment when things were not going well for me. A dear friend passed away, I lost my job, had knee surgery and had to leave my home. I tried to think of my next step in life and came to the conclusion that I wanted to go back to the place where I grew up. I decided to call David again and discussed it with him. It soon occurred to us that it might be a good idea if I came to live with him temporarily; He lived alone and the house was big enough.

Don’t you want to stay?

That’s how I suddenly ended up with David four years ago, and I actually liked him from the very first moment. The click between us never went away. However, it had not yet crossed my mind that it could become more than friendship. Until David asked me: Don’t you like staying here? Don’t you want to be my girlfriend? That shocked me. his girlfriend? are we a relationship? I had to think about that.

It took me several weeks to figure out my feelings for David. Yes, I found him attractive. I felt safe and secure with him. There was no one I’d rather be with. I didn’t have real butterflies in my stomach, but wasn’t a camaraderie or perhaps a spiritual connection as I felt with David a much better foundation for a relationship?

Not everyone thought it was a good idea

It wasn’t an easy decision for me, because I knew I could also lose David’s family if something went wrong. However, I decided to go for it. Where couples in love often first kiss each other or share a bed before entering into a relationship, with us it has gone in reverse order. David and I always kissed on our mouth, but at that time we said goodnight, the kiss was different. Longer, denser and with more charge.

When we told the outside world that we were a couple, most of them weren’t surprised at all. However, not everyone thought it was a good idea. My mother thought it was strange that I was now dating my former babysitter who was ten years younger than me. My sister-in-law also thought it strange that my “babysitter” would suddenly become her sister-in-law.

We ourselves sometimes suffered from our relationships. I have been used to taking care of David all my life, like a second mother. Now that we have a relationship, of course it is not meant for me to take everything out of his hands. We had good conversations about that.

Best decision ever

I think I made the best decision of my life four years ago to stay with David. We do incredibly well together. He makes my life complete. Every day when he’s riding his bike in the park and I see those blue eyes, I start to glow. Happy to be back. We share the same dry, annoying humor that other people sometimes don’t get. And we could totally crash if one of us slipped.

We also enjoy the same things, like taking pictures. We were recently in the Valkenburg Caves and it is amazing to see how we separately record almost the same things. We also love to go out by car. Saturday morning shopping together. It’s fun to take old newspapers together. David jokingly invites her “on a date”. Then we put Pater Moeskroen or Metallica in the car and sing along.

Our greatest wish is to grow old together and remain as happy as now. Our environment also sees the latter. Sometimes jokes are made about us, for example at a party. Then his friends say, David, don’t you go home? Or does the babysitter let you stay? We have to laugh about that.”

For privacy reasons, the names featured in this article have been changed.

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