Meet four new stores in the De Aarhof shopping centre

Vacant in the De Aarhof shopping center? Oh no! To ensure the shopping center remains attractive, all vacant premises will be filled as quickly as possible. We would like to introduce you to four stores that you can now find in De Aarhof.

In the coming years, a major renovation of the De Aarhof shopping center is planned. The intention is that De Aarhof will soon become a center for everyday shopping. Van Mandersloostraat will be the shopping street for fun shopping. This required a shift in the shops, which is now in full swing. But De Aarhof’s retail properties won’t stand empty. These buildings are filled with pop-up stores.


The clothing store has only been located on Van Mandersloostraat for many years. The ladies’ clothing store already had a regular clientele there. So the store’s disappearance from Van Mandersloostraat was disappointing to customers. But the good news: The only one is back in the middle of Alvin. After a few weeks of renovation, the iconic store has moved into WE’s old building. And a lot of Alvin residents are very happy about that.

Danique Heshof, store manager of ONLY Alphen aan den Rijn, says: “Our customers were so happy that we came back, they really missed us. Since opening we keep hearing that everyone is so happy that we are back. And of course we are.” The shop at De Aarhof is now very pretty and quite in the sole style, including the private fitting rooms. “The store is again full of trendy, beautiful, chic, and affordable clothes. We have so many different styles but all of them are trendy and just totally right.”

SIS is strong in the art of floral embellishments

At No. 63 you will find a shop created through a private collaboration. Yvonne and her niece Chantal share a building, each with their own shop. Where in October the shop was packed with Halloween decorations from Feestje to Go, now more space is made for SIS Sterk In Bloem Sierkunst.

Silk flowers are barely distinguishable from the real thing and everyone who enters the shop is immediately warmly welcomed by Yvonne. Silk flowers are sold separately, but also as a beautifully composed bouquet. “I often give an example, but most people say: Just wrap your bags and add the vase. It’s great to get the enthusiastic feedback from people!”

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The fact that artificial flowers are increasingly becoming the norm can be seen, according to Yvonne. “The prices of fresh flowers have gone up a lot and will only get worse. But silk flowers are also good for the environment. Because these flowers last longer, the impact on the environment is much lower.” Of course, artificial flowers are also easy to maintain. “I also really relieve people of their worries, they don’t have to cut flowers diagonally, they don’t have to monitor the water in vases and you don’t have a bunch of flowers hanging after three days.”

party to go

Upon entering the store, two large light figures immediately catch the eye. But anyone who was in store in October will have fallen into Halloween Valhalla.

Chantal used to be the owner of Dressing Planet on Raadhuisstraat, but has recently started a shop in De Aarhof with her aunt. Party to go does clothing and design for parties and weddings, but also shop windows, children’s parties and balloon decor. Everything can be seen and ordered on the site. But the store still has a wide range of decorating and decorating accessories.

“I made room for my aunt’s flowers after Halloween, but there are still a few in the store,” says Chantal. “At the moment there are many Christmas presents and of course light numbers. In addition to the 50 in store, I also have a big luminous heart, which is often used in weddings and is really modern.”

Hyper Fashion, Fashion & Accessories

In the old building of D-reizen there is now a fashionable women’s clothing store. Hipper Fashion and Fashion & Accessories has something for everyone. Clothing and accessories for young and old at always low prices.

When we enter the store it is full of ladies looking for new clothes. And the owner, Ingrid, is happy to help them with that. “Very nice, you must do it, good combination, I’ll pick up that top for you,” we hear Ingrid say to the various customers in the shop.

Years ago, Ingrid had her own boutiques in Amersfoort and at Dabermarkt in Amsterdam. When asked if the location in De Aarhof was a good move, Ingrid answered yes. “We have a lot of competition and we’re in a good phase here. New stuff comes in every week and people like that. There’s something new every time you go in. And we try to keep the prices as low as possible. It’s fun.”

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Louloe’s clothing store is located in the old shoemaker’s building, mainly for ladies and girls. Most Alvin residents who enter Monique’s shop immediately recognize her from the garage. Monique has been in the market with her clothes for years and so has the annual Alvin Market. Everything that would normally be found in the kiosk is now in the store.

that’s good. The people of Alvin quickly find Lulu. And according to his Alvins, the buzz is guaranteed to get busier in the store. “That’s nice, isn’t it, in a month,” Monique says, laughing. “But they recognize us from the market. Nowadays we are on Saturdays in pairs or even groups of three, which is very interesting.”

So the shop at De Aarhof is doing very well. “We’re not extravagant and that’s attractive to people. And we have a new collection every week. I buy daily, so we’re always up to date with the latest trends,” Monique explains. “And through the entire month of December, we’re offering 20% ​​off everything.”

Although it’s a pop-up shop, Monique doesn’t plan to leave yet. “I hope I can stay where she is for a while. Things are going well, let me stay here for a while.”


Free parking

And as of November 25, 2022, you can park for free for the first hour and a half in the following three garages:

  • Arhof parking garage
  • Castellum parking garage
  • Hoogvliet parking surface (Julianastraat)

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