Drama in Sister Wives Land: What about Cody and his wives now?

If in 2010 the first episode of sister wives Shown, the viewer is immediately glued to the tube. The series closely follows polygamist patriarch Kody Brown and his four wives. At that moment, everything still seemed like cake and egg within the family, but that’s a different story now. one after another sister wife Because it cuts.


Meri is Cody’s first wife. She herself comes from a polygamous family and has no less than 27 brothers and sisters. Cody and Merry met at church and tied the knot in 1990. Merry already knew that she wouldn’t be Cody’s only wife and over the years many more wives were added. Cody and Mary have one child, Leon. Cody and Meri are currently no longer married, having divorced in 2014. Cody has met a new woman, Robyn, and would like to adopt her children. However, he must first officially marry her. This means that Cody and Meri are only “spiritually” married.

After divorcing in 2014, the relationship quickly deteriorated. Merry tells the show that she and Cody’s romance is “died” and “over”. And according to Cody, the fact that the two are still together on paper has something to do with his faith. “In a polygamous marriage, you can’t just divorce as a man. There’s a double standard we have to deal with in our family. A woman can leave, but I can’t.” So there is no real relationship anymore.


Janelle is Cody’s second wife and unlike Mary, she does not come from a polygamous family. So her family initially has to get used to the fact that Janelle will become Cody’s second wife. Janelle and Cody tied the knot “spiritually” in 1993 and they have no less than six children together: sons Logan, Hunter, Garrison, and Gabrielle, and daughters Madison and Savannah. It seems that there is no real love relationship between the two anymore. For example, Cody has said before that their band is mainly “spiritual” and they mainly click with each other intellectually.

Although it hasn’t been officially released yet, it looks like Cody and Janelle are no longer together. Their daughter Gwendolyn revealed in a TikTok video that Janelle is no longer with Cody and that it was not a good relationship for Janelle. Additionally, the current season of the series currently shows Janelle having moved out and living in a mobile home on the property, much to Cody’s dismay. According to Kodi sister wife Christine “poisoned” his relationship with Janelle. Kristen and Janelle get along very well and Cody suspects Kristen is turning her against him. He’s noticed a marked difference in the way Janelle treats him these days. “You find it hard to respect me. Or show me respect at all. Maybe that’s how we argue. But if you don’t respect me, I don’t need love from you either. That’s just the way you do it. Not in my world.”


Christine also comes from a polygamous family. At first, she is a good friend of Merry’s, and through her, she gets to know Cody. In 1994 she joined the family. Together, she and Cody have six children: daughters Aspen, Mykelti, Gwenden, Ysabel, and Truly, and son Pedon. Kristen is the only woman who has officially left Cody. In 2021, she will announce her desire to leave him after being married for at least 25 years. Christine says she felt “trapped” in her marriage for years at the time. Cody is angry about her decision and makes no secret of it. In the current season of sister wives He regularly attacks Christine, accusing her of turning other women against him.


Robyn is the only woman officially married to Cody. The marriage to Cody is her second, and she was previously married to David Preston Jessup, a member of the same church. A striking detail: David is Christine’s cousin and Cody’s distant cousin. Robbie and Cody have five children together: three of those children are from Robyn’s previous marriage, and Cody has adopted them. Together they had two more children, Solomon and Ariella. The relationship between Cody and Robyn caused jealousy among the other women from the start. Cody spends most of his time with Robyn, regularly calling her his “mate”. She is the only one he is officially married to. Robyn seems to be the only woman behind Cody right now. For example, she expressed her dissatisfaction with Christine’s departure several times. As far as Cody is concerned, Cody is still with Kristen whether she likes it or not.

“Kristen continuing to say she’s divorced is completely against our beliefs. We are spiritually married to Cody through our church. If we want a divorce, we really have to get their consent first. Then they won’t just agree. Therapy often has to be tried first, many meetings have to happen and I think it’s Even with permission, Christine is only truly divorced when she is intimate with another man for the first time,” says Robyn.

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