Swimming lessons canceled for 750 children in De Zeehoek, where can they go?

Every week 750 children visit the De Zeehoek swimming pool in Wervershoof for swimming lessons. Now that it is known that the swimming pool will be closed, parents in Medemblick municipality have come to rely on other swimming pools in West Friesland. “We’re already full.”

The announcement of De Zeehoek’s closure caused unrest and anxiety among many parents of children taking swimming lessons there. Also because it is not known when the pool closes. Among other things, they wonder if their children can still take swimming lessons, and if not, where can they go?

One of them is Stephanie from Horne. Her 6-year-old son has been taking swimming lessons at De Zeehoek for two years now. she also very shocked from the news. “I think it’s really awful. My son is now working on his B diploma. He went to his third swimming lesson the day before yesterday. Do we still have time to finish that?”

So she doesn’t understand that. “wThey live in a municipality rich in water. Then they just have to make sure school swimming gets back on, so the kids can at least get their swimming certification.”

Because even though there are stories about parents picking up their kids from swimming lessons, Stephanie is still waiting. “my son He absolutely loves swimming. He also wants a C diploma and lifesaving swimming in case a child is in the water. For he himself fell into the pit twice.

Chances are

Can all children from Medemblik municipality who need swimming lessons or take swimming lessons in the surrounding indoor pools in West Friesland be accommodated? A survey by NH News showed that there are quite a few snags.

At Jos Koelemeijer’s swimming school in Hoogwoud, they are ready to think well. “We’ve already received five applications,” says Karel Koelemeijer, one of the swimming school’s owners. They are willing to help when necessary, even though Karel has a hold. “But then there should be enough enthusiasm from De Zeehoek. Perhaps we will open an additional bath, but this is still in its infancy.”

Although there are queues at Hoogwoud, he expects no problems. “Most of those on the waiting list are four years old. But with us they can’t start until they’re five. The kids who take swimming lessons at De Zeehoek are probably a little older. They might start earlier.” If they want to take lessons with us, they are very welcome.”

Karel also offers private lessons during school hours. “There is still room there, if it suits the parents. Then they can start earlier.”

A little later, in Medimblic, people fully sympathize with the situation. “I still have a place. I can save some staff hours, but will it work for 750 kids? No, that’s going to be a tough story,” thought Ed Van Roselaer, owner of Ed Van Roselaer Swimming School. If the swimming pool at Wervershoof closes permanently and registrations pour in, Van Rozelaar is ready to take care of the kids. “We like to think together with our neighbours. If, for example, 200 children register, we will of course look for a place for them. But this must be done in close consultation with EuroParcs, the owner of the Zuiderzee pool, where we give our swimming lessons.”

The situation is not good for anyone

Swimming pools outside Medimblic have also been approached. “We have already received emails this week with this question. We have also received calls from concerned parents,” says Nicoline Hahn, team leader at De Waterhoorn in Hoorn. “We like to think with them and help them when necessary. Such a situation is not pleasant for anyone. Especially for children who find it difficult and have to miss lessons because of it.”

Whether there are queues depends on the situation. “Does someone still have to start or is they already halfway through? Especially in the latter case there are opportunities as a side entrant. What level are they in? Do we still have room there? And can they do that out of our popular days?”

For children who have not yet started, there is wewaiting list. “But Fortunately, it didn’t take long, about 3 months.


De Kloet in Grootebroek also received a call from parents from Medemblik municipality, asking about the waiting time for children who wanted to take swimming lessons. Swimming coach Jerry Naughter laments the situation: “But as it stands, space is very limited. We’re already quite full. Kids here have the opportunity to take lessons more than once a week.”

It might be possible to increase the number of staff, but this is the responsibility of Stede Broec municipality. “We all teach during the same peak times, that is, after school.”

Ton Boogaard, director of Recreatiebad Enkhuizerzand, says he will first wait and see what the board does. “How long will they stay open? Will there still be an unexpected solution? If they pull the plug definitively, we are certainly willing to look after and help the children. We sympathize under this sad situation.”

Give a point

The situation with regard to De Zihok was also discussed at the Town Hall in Wojnome. Hart voor Medemblik even made a proposal Thursday night. It was later withdrawn due to lack of support. “Like everyone else, the news hit our rooftops. Residents don’t know where they stand. We think the municipality should provide a point of view, Come up with a plan that says: We’re working on it,” says Mark Hogwerff, who immediately indicates he’s coming up with an improved move.

Communication about when the pool would have to close also leaves something to be desired and causes unrest, says Hoogewerf: “There was noise about the closing. The pool board states they will still pass next year, possibly with energy compensation from but the information note It states that the closure will happen in 2024 or 2025, while an email to all parents indicates that it will happen between 2023 and 2025. It cannot and should be done better. Parents have a lot of questions.”

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