“I cry sometimes because I miss my family in Ukraine”

I trained as a TV journalist. In my second year of study, I already did production work for television, made documentaries, reality shows for Kazakhstan, and programs for music channels. I shot show business stars and was on TV as a presenter. Later I worked with the famous Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda, I was her personal assistant, fulfilled all her desires. Then I returned to television, where I worked as an editor of television programs from a social angle, where we helped people in difficult life situations. At one time I also became the chief editor of such a program. I also did projects like Top model Ukraine. A show about boys girls, tomboyWho wanted to be a lady.

Ukrainian television is also very popular in Russia: many Russians prefer to watch our TV shows, since Russian state television mainly broadcasts propaganda. For other types of programs, such as reality shows, they often ask Ukrainian creators. In Ukraine we love big vibes a lot. You can see it on TV shows.”

The best concerts in Kyiv

“I worked hard and didn’t allow myself much. My work was my passion and my greatest addiction. I tried so many times to leave the world of TV but I always came back. I did work non-stop, fourteen hours a day – but with so much passion. TV work is something that totally sucks you in, but That’s good because it’s so much fun that you don’t even feel like you’re working. I got invited to everything, so I went to the best parties in Kyiv. And I traveled a lot on my holidays.

On February 24 of this year, war broke out. I’ve been watching the news all night. I heard a scary noise and saw people running to their cars and driving out of town. Until February 27, I was still in Kyiv, hiding in shelters with friends and pets. We decided to leave Kyiv for the city that seemed safer to us, Lviv, where part of my family lives. With some friends, we took the evacuation train. I stayed there for a week or two with my family. Then I decided to go to Poland for my sister.

“I was in Warsaw for most of March. I thought I could get a job and start a new life in Poland, even though it was very difficult mentally. I cried every day. Then my best school friend, Roman, who had been living in Amsterdam for a while, called General. He invited me to come to him. I have already dreamed of learning English, and this seems like a great opportunity to be among people who speak English. Besides, I’ve been there twice already. I think it’s the most beautiful city in Europe. That’s how I ended up in Amsterdam at the beginning April “.

storage shelves

“In a few days I got a job at the Hilton and cleaned the rooms. Later, I found a new job as a shelf filler at Albert Heijn. I still work there now. I have nice colleagues, we laugh a lot, but it’s not easy. I feel like I’m going back to Ten years back, when as a student I had a part-time job to pay for my studies.If I spoke English well, maybe everything would be different and I could develop myself here too.So now I went to an English class.

“I work a lot, sometimes fifty hours a week, ten hours a day. Then I’m at the supermarket from seven in the morning to five in the evening. But I absolutely love working. I stand now at the bread and now I know all the names of the different types of bread available at Albert Heijn. And I want Saving up for my dream: a trip to America.

“I live here with my old school friend Roman and Victoria, my best friend. She came with me from Ukraine this spring. Victoria also works at Albert Heijn, in the same branch, so that’s good. She’s the best in the house, she cleans something every day.”

“I think Amsterdam is a beautiful city and I often meet up with Ukrainian friends to talk about our lives, drink cocktails and visit exhibitions. Then we feel like the women on the outside Sex and the City.

My life in Holland is no worse than the life I had in Ukraine. It’s different and a new adventure, an interesting experience. I see it as an opportunity to get out of my comfort zone, to develop myself, to learn English better. And who knows where it will take me?

“I cry sometimes because I miss my friends and family from Ukraine. Crazy maybe, but I miss my bed. My bed is in Kyiv.”

“What happens next? I don’t know. But I feel like I’m in Amsterdam doing my most interesting show yet my new life. “

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