Another 25 million for nitrogen control in Brabant

Once again, Brabant will receive millions from the government to speed up the nitrogen approach in the province. This is 25 million, in addition to the already pledged 45 million, with which Brabant can already take a number of important steps in a couple of years. 70 million is an advance of the 24 billion that the government has earmarked for the National Nitrogen Approach.

Nitrogen Minister Christiane van der Waal visited Brabant on Monday. There it has already declared itself positive about the Brabant Development Stikstof (BOS) approach. With financial support from the government, BOS plans can be accelerated in the coming years. And that’s really quick, the money for the rest of 2022 and 2023. It’s about the following:

1. Innovation and comprehensive cultivation of nature
The vast majority (45 million euros previously promised) will be invested in innovation and the promotion of inclusive cultivation of nature and expansion. That is, fewer animals on your current land, or the same number of animals on land. Funds are also available from this to be able to measure innovative housing systems on an ongoing basis. There can be 25 farmsAt presentWhat are the emissions. The trial will start soon.

Previously, the money was mainly intended for innovative stable systems. But now that the court has temporarily put a cap on the expected outcome of the stables, a good part of the money reserved is now specifically for conversion and extension. And by continuously measuring on a number of farms what innovative housing systems are doing, Brabant is helping the ministry get a good picture of how well these housing systems are working.

Part of that 45 million is for the Biodiversity Monitor, which is kind of a model account. If you don’t want a new housing system at all, you as a farmer can choose to go all-inclusive. An exception to the requirement to obtain a permit for a low emission barn applies to these organic farms. This is because these farmers already have (or will have) sustainable business practices and are therefore helping to achieve soil and water quality goals. With a Biodiversity Monitor, livestock farmers can demonstrate that they are inclusive of nature.

2. Purchase and demolition of commercial buildings
Seventeen and a half million euros earmarked for the purchase and demolition of industrial buildings in rural areas in favor of nature and water. This makes it easier for the province to purchase land, thus strengthening the nature in the regions.

3. Research
Nearly seven million euros will go towards research to support the region’s operations. For example, the extent to which the area will be protected should be determined in the future. For example, with hydrological and environmental research and land use analysis. Various scenarios for future agricultural activities are also examined.

4. The company’s soil water plan
Two million euros will be used to increase support and advice for farmers participating in BedrijfsBodemWaterPlan (BBWP). Brabant is the only province that operates with such a system.

With BBWP, you, as an entrepreneur, can take measures yourself to improve water quality and soil health on your plots. You can collect points for each metric. The higher the number of points, the greater the compensation.

County is happy with the extra money
Eric Ronis, who deals with nitrogen as deputy, is happy with the money from The Hague. “These funds are important to be able to quickly determine what is needed to do what is needed with our transition to a future-proof rural area.”

Ellis Lymex Straver, Vice President of Agriculture, Food and Soil: “With this money from the government we can focus more on farming that is inclusive of nature. If companies are producing in balance with the environment, it is good for nature, biodiversity, landscapes, soil and water quality.”

The county is also pleased to be able to compensate farmers who are making strenuous efforts to improve soil and water quality. “This financial assessment is necessary for the eco-social services provided by farmers and the sustainable allocation of land at suitable rental rates. In addition, we continue to focus on precision farming with, among other things, real-time monitoring and sustainable soil management.”

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