112 News: Who Lost a Puppy in Ahoy? | Hundreds of kilograms of heavy fireworks were lying unprotected in the house


A lost puppy in South Rotterdam © Charlotte Police

In this live blog, we’ll keep you posted with the top 112 stories and highlights for Friday, December 2nd.

6:50pm – Whose stray puppy is this for?

(According to the police) Sweet puppy went missing in Ahoy Rotterdam on Friday evening. The puppy has been taken to the police station in Charlotte. He has not been autopsied and will be delivered to an animal ambulance.

6:45 p.m. – Fire in Numansdorp detached house

Quite a few fire engines rushed Nummansdorp on Friday night after a fire broke out in a detached house outside the village. The residents are safe outside and the fire brigade extinguishes the cherry picker. Smoke is coming mainly from the house, and the meter cupboard may have caught fire.

5:15 p.m. – Hundreds of kilograms of unprotected professional pyrotechnics in homes

Police removed 437 kilograms of professional fireworks – not intended for consumers – from homes in South Rotterdam and Ridderkerk East. Two 19-year-old men from Rotterdam and Ridderkerk were arrested. Fireworks were lying unprotected in homes.

The police tracked down the two men after receiving a report about the sale of fireworks. Upon inspection, fireworks were indeed found in their possession. In Rotterdam there were 70 kilograms of heavy fireworks, in Ridderkerk more than 330 kilograms. Fireworks have been taken and are being destroyed.

4:50pm – The A20 is clear again after oil on the road, and a janitor is injured

All lanes have reopened again on the A20. Earlier in the day, the road to Gouda had to be closed due to the presence of palm oil on the asphalt. It had to be cleaned and that took some time. One of the cleaners got a corrosive chemical on his leg while cleaning and had to go to the hospital. Just before 5pm, everything was cleaned up and the highway opened again.

2:45pm – Masked men rob a house in Schiedam with knife

Two men robbed a house in Schiedam in broad daylight on Friday. They were masked and had a knife. The men overpowered the occupant and forced their way into the house in Hargesingel. The victim was not injured, but was threatened. The police are looking for the guys, they have taken an amount of money.

12:31pm – Oil on A20 motorway, lanes to Gouda closed until after rush hour

Two lanes closed in the direction of Gouda at the Kleinpolderplein junction. There is palm oil on the road and it needs to be cleaned up. The work will take longer than expected. The road is likely to reopen after the evening rush hour.

12:05pm – The apartment where explosive dust was found in Spijkenisse has been closed for a month

The mayor of Nissewaard closed the apartment on Mizarstraat in Spijkenisse for a month. The explosive TATP (acetone peroxide) was found in the apartment. This is a substance used in explosive attacks. On Wednesday, the police launched a raid over a gun threat. Then 50 grams of TATP was found. One day later, two more amounts of TATP were found. The EOD service came to detonate the material. Residents had to leave their homes until this happened.

11:10 – Police deploy a large Kinderdijk bombing team

Police investigations are underway at Puntweg in Kinderdijk
Police investigations are underway at Puntweg in Kinderdijk © Rijnmond

Police had sent a team of twenty detectives to investigate the shooting at Bonnevig earlier in the day. A man was seriously wounded in the shooting. Related to a 74-year-old man from Belgium. What exactly happened is still unclear. The police take all scenarios into account. There may be an armed robbery or a thief caught. But a targeted attack cannot be ruled out either.

The victim and a woman were asleep in the house when one or more persons broke into the house. The woman was not harmed.

10:44 a.m. – The suspect in the fatal crash in Dordrecht remains in custody

The man who was arrested on Thursday for the fatal crash at Urangelan in Dordrecht remains in custody. This was reported by the police. It concerns a 32-year-old man from Zwijndrecht. At about 8:30 a.m. on Thursday, the car hit a cyclist at the Prince Hendrik Bridge. Died immediately. The victim is a 60-year-old man from Hardinksfeld Jessendam. A spokesman said the investigation into the incident was still ongoing. And according to AD, there could have been street racing. The police cannot confirm this. It is now being investigated whether the man was driving too fast.

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