“There was a lot of drinking and it could get wild” – Loïs Lane in their favorite party rooms

The corona crisis has paralyzed them, like many other musicians, they have fallen. Monique Clement (57) says that the first time they were allowed to perform in front of a full house, emotions ran wild. “With us, as well as with the public.” Her sister, Suzanne Kleiman, 59: “I could cry, I was so grateful to be allowed to do it again.”

Other than some streaming gigs, they’ve barely performed for nearly two years. Hard Blow: With the exception of a quarter of Tozo’s support, they were dependent on their business partners during that time. Their schedules were full: Just before the pandemic hit, they embarked on a club tour to celebrate the 35th anniversary of their energetic band, Loïs Lane. And a week before the first lockout, Monique released a solo album. Suddenly they had more time to take care of their parents and make music with their families. Monique: “I felt like a different person, a bit truncated.”

Monique and Suzanne Kleiman from Lois Lane. Photo by Neeltje de Vries

Now everything is back to the old. In January, after two years, the Loïs Lane Anniversary Tour will resume. They perform again at company parties, if desired with a flashback to the evergreens of ABBA. And this fall they’re going on a stage tour with the Nederpop All Stars. In it they sing the songs of Dutch pop divas, such as “Love of Life” by Jernie Kaagman.

They never thought they would last for so long. Suzanne, who was also a funeral director for four years: “If someone had said to us 35 years ago: You will still sing together in 2022, I would have answered: You are out of your mind.”

This spring, Monique saw a performance of Cameo at Amsterdam’s Paradiso, an American funk and R&B band that had peaked in the late 1970s. Frontman Larry Blackmon walked across the stage “like a grandfather” and wore a hat. Monique: “We’ve asked friends: Warn us if it’s too pathetic. When the time comes, I hope they’ll tell us: Honey, go book club, or play bridge.”

10 Melkweg, Amsterdam (since 1973)

We were discovered in the Milky Way on October 10, 1985 at the Dutch Grand Prix. [’s lands grootste competitie voor popmuziek]. Mo had founded Loïs Lane a year earlier with her friend, Tijn. But just before the Grand Prix, a love drama broke out in the band and another singer left. Suus will come. We rehearsed a few times and the first performance was great. A little later we were offered a record deal.

“U2, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Prince, Lady Gaga have all performed in the Milky Way. We’re still in a good row. Melkweg also feels like home to us. We are the children of Amsterdam. We can go there by bike and it’s part of our youth: we also celebrated with parties school there.”

9 De Harmony, Blocker (1945)

With each new album, Blokker’s De Harmonie has been one of the regular headlines on our club tour. Not one of our most beloved stages. De Dijk wrote a beautiful song about the crowd in the North North Holland: ‘Nowhere in the hall is as solid as Hippolytushoef’. Idiots drinking beer all evening with their backs to you.Then ask to appear at the end.Rotten nicely.

“We call it De Harmonie because it’s a legendary place. Cliff Richard and the Shadows, Louis Armstrong – they played there. And on 6 June 1965 the Beatles played two shows in the Auction Hall, their only concerts ever in the Netherlands. In the afternoon and evening they played Eight songs, totaling 25 minutes.”

8 The Way of the Cross, Marom (1948-2020)

“De Kruisweg in Marum was a restaurant, hall complex and bowling center in Groningen. Huge and lots of activities. When we got there, they would sometimes dance in another hall. We also remember the shuttle service for young visitors from villages in the area. We were popular in that area for a reason. There was a lot of drinking and he could get pretty wild. Two of these urban singers, it seems, caused quite a stir.

Shortly after the corona pandemic struck, De Kruisweg closed down after more than seventy years. It has been for sale for two years. We hope they find a young entrepreneur from Groningen who will breathe new life into the centre.”

7 Park View, Rotterdam (1989-1996)

“In our prime, around 1990, we sometimes did our monthly shows at the Parkzicht. A discotheque and pop music theater in a palatial building in the park near the Euromast, with Clarence van der Palm as manager. He always greeted us ceremonially. We had once One of them is a gold pendant in the shape of Park View.It’s a shame the business had to close in 1996 [een portier schoot uit noodweer een bezoeker dood en kort daarna volgde een tweede schietpartij].

“Parkzicht became the birthplace of the gabberhouse in the 1990s, but we, two girls from Amsterdam, also had a big, enthusiastic audience in Rotterdam. Yes, it can make a huge difference to your performance. Often in Amsterdam you meet a much more finicky crowd. A little spoiled.”

6 De Peblo, Dordrecht

“When De Bibelot was still at the Bonifatiuskerk, in the center of Dordrecht, we often performed there. It looked like the Paradiso in Amsterdam, but much smaller. Very atmospheric, with room for about six-seven hundred visitors. Now bustling with big festivals in the air Outdoors with tens of thousands of visitors, but you didn’t have those in our early days.Small indoor festivals with all kinds of bands playing for one hour.The Pablot also organized such a festival.

“In August 1993 we played in Biddinghuizen at the ANWB Watersports Festival, at the venue where the first Lowlands were staged a year later. It was raining terribly and we were playing in front of a few hundred visitors.”

5 Roxy, Amsterdam (1987-1999)

“Roxy was more of a club than a platform. If we had performed somewhere and were back in Amsterdam after a long drive, we’d go out. We just did a few short shows, and sang a song or two.”

“The Roxy attracted such an extravagant crowd. It gave the club a kind of license: do what’s as crazy as possible. Sometimes people would dance naked in cages. The club quickly made a name for itself. It wasn’t long before it was packed with rustic evenings.” Thursday Since the nightclub burned down [omdat er binnen vuurwerk werd afgestoken op de dag dat mede-oprichter Peter Giele werd begraven] Roxy has become a legend. In the club book is a picture of us with Jan Root.”

4 Boven Nar, Amsterdam (Unknown 1997)

“To Boven was a pub on Reguliersbreestraat with a stage. You had to go up one flight of stairs, hence the name. There was a lot of jamming there during the week. By Candy Duelfer and Her Band, by Trijntje Oosterhuis, by Herman Brood. Sometimes it was There is a programme, but if you felt like joining in, we’d shoot a cover for Chaka Khan. It was often crowded, with a few hundred visitors on top of each other. And there were always the necessary tradesmen in between. We never got to sing there with Loïs Lane , but we did with Girls Wanna Have Fun [een all-girlband die van 1990 tot 2015 bestond]. Opposite Naar boven you had such a nice café where people crowd on Sundays: De Korte Golf. “

3 Book Book, Hello (1968)

“Music lovers work for Facebook. Very enthusiastic and great knowledge. When we arrived there was always a table full of food and drinks ready for us, very nice.

“Our management always offers stages a list of wishes: a bottle of tequila, a beer – for the boys – and a case of mixed soft drinks, and sandwiches for afterwards. We no longer order a hot meal, because we always get lasagna. After all the cuts in the cultural sector, we now bring Our special tequila. A shot before a performance gives the right buzz: it relaxes you, clears your throat and makes you completely clear. In short, the perfect medicine for a successful performance. “

2 Thilf, Heerenveen (1967)

Everyone knows Thialf from skateboarding, but sometimes events are held in the hall. Johnny Cash, Tina Turner and Eric Clapton have performed there. So has Loïs Lane: on August 5, 1990, as a support act for Prince. He asked us for a six-week tour of Europe, 26 shows in all. All huge venues. Four times at London’s Wembley Arena, and in Basel we stood in a 68,000-capacity stadium. The audience is so far away, and you’re so small for them, it’s like you’re in a TV set. It was Once in a lifetime expertise. We had a good connection with Prince, and after that we always went to shows. At Thialf, Prince and his band members wore Los Lane T-shirts during their appearances.

1 The Lantern, Hellendoorn (1983)

For the people of Amsterdam, Helendoorn is a bit far away In the middle of nowhere. But what a prime site. With Loïs Lane and Girls Wanna Have Fun we have performed a total of at least twenty times. An auditorium with great acoustics and an incredibly enthusiastic audience, which sometimes sings from beginning to end.

Rob and Brendy Telgenkamp, ​​who became owners of the building in 1993 and have been so for years, have ensured that De Lantaarn enjoys a great reputation among musicians. They have programmed private and well-known bands from Europe and America, and have taken the lead on the Dauwpop Festival. But above all, Rob and Brendy are warm Very welcoming. They lived above work, cooked for the artists, always served enough drinks and arranged overnight stays if desired. The gratitude for such great musical entrepreneurs is well deserved.”

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