“Not us, but she should never be allowed to work with children again.”

Charlotte Dettig (28) is one of five teachers at the day-care center Mippie en Moppie 1 in Keerbergen who have been summarily dismissed for “unacceptable actions against children and children”. Words from Principal Miriam Brooks, who is conducting the investigation herself. For Charlotte, the time for silence is over, she wants to tell her side of the story.

Everett Waters

That five girls will bleed: Miriam Broix is ​​said to have entrusted these words to a teacher, last week. So the news of Five Teachers being fired was not at all unexpected, although it had not been clear for a long time which would be Five.

Charlotte, who worked for eight years on the now-suspended “Mippie en Moppie 1,” is one of the five. The words she read in her resignation letter were harsh. For example, she would commit “acts contrary to the standards and values ​​of good child care.” Which is all the more impressive, considering the duct-taping acts of a child that occurred in Mippie and Moppie 2. “And so we are blamed, whereas nothing like this has ever happened to us. My daughter stayed here… I would never allow such a thing to happen.” .

There is already support from the parents of the children who were looked after at Mippie and Moppie 1. After the resignation letters arrived on Monday, many of them went to the press in disgust. “When news came out about the tape in Mippie and Moppie 2, a moderator called us to please us,” said Evelyn Mitts, 30, who entrusted her two children to Charlotte and the team.

“But I have not lost faith in Mippie and Moppie 1. The girls who have taken care of my children for so many years are simply dragged through the mud. Their right to benefit is taken away.” (due to dismissal for force majeure reasons, ed.)! I can’t miss the way Miriam Brooks plays this.”

Mippie and Moppie 1 in Keerbergen.Vertommen’s photo

The incident where a toddler was confined to a crib at least once in Mippie en Moppie 2 was reported to the Growing Up Agency by some of Charlotte’s immediate associates. “They testified against Mary with the burden of proof. We were not thankful for that,” says Charlotte.

I immediately dismissed the fact that it was a one-off or even an act of revenge by a disgruntled former employee. One of our colleagues had to help out at Mippie and Moppie 2 one day. She came back crying because of what she saw there. According to Miriam, I should have told her the colleague “didn’t agree to the policy,” but I don’t think so. When the police questioned us later and she told us what we knew, Our names also appeared in that report. Miriam saw that and I think that’s why we got that message.”

Broeckx would also pressure at least two of his colleagues to testify favorably at the inquest.

In the dismissal letter, the notice period or severance pay is excluded, due to “serious mistakes” that the employees could have made. A financial blow, but not the strongest blow that Charlotte has received. “Even though you know you didn’t do anything wrong, you start to doubt yourself. But more than that: Now all the parents are starting to doubt me… Although we won’t stop there, the union is already aware of that.” .

Teacher Charlotte Dettig and mother Evelyn Mitts around the Maeby and Moby daycare center in Kirbergen.  Vertommen's photo

Teacher Charlotte Dettig and mother Evelyn Mitts around the Maeby and Moby daycare center in Kirbergen.Vertommen’s photo

Due to the lack of a notarized file, legal experts doubt the legal validity of the letters of dismissal. But in addition to this, Charlotte and her colleagues are also waiting for back pay. And they’re not the only ones who still have an outstanding bill.

“The bills are done at the beginning of the month,” says one of Evelyn’s parents. So we paid for the entire month of November, while the nursery had to close last week. We also had to pay a guarantee for our children. Altogether, I estimate it will be about 650 euros – money that I fear I have lost forever, while I am forced to stay at home in the meantime to take care of my children. Miriam said last week she would look into it, but I haven’t heard anything since. And she can declare bankruptcy, which will make us whistle for our money. By the way, I hear from parents that those guarantees have been deposited in different accounts. from a banned account (as usual, editor) There was no question.”

Charlotte asks “What do we hope to achieve?” “That the parents get their money back. And that we can close this chapter while keeping our good name. We are drawn into the abyss, while we cannot be blamed. One thing is certain for me: Mary may never work with children again.”

And Evelyn has just one thing to add: “If Charlotte goes back to work tomorrow, I’ll put my kids with her right away.”

Our editors contacted Myriam Broeckx for a response, but there was no response.

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