Older women live older

The numbers come from Woonbase, the new housing survey based on integrated data sources. This was developed by Statistics Netherlands in cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations.

Differences in living space for each life stage

Each person’s living space depends on people’s life stage. Woonbase data for 2021 shows that young adults (15-20 years old) started out with an average living space of 56 square metres. As they get older, this decreases slightly. This has to do with living together and/or having children. When more people live in a house, the same house is shared with more people, so the living space per person becomes smaller.

From the age of 35, people have more living space again. Hence the reasons are children leaving home, divorce and later also widowhood. As a result, people are more likely to live alone and thus have more space to themselves. Comparatively, (independently living) single or cohabiting people over the age of 70 have the largest living space: an average of 79 square metres.