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It’s a rarity: a brother and sister in professional football. Boy Kemper, who trained at RKAV and FC Volendam and then at Ajax, is currently a (injured) player at ADO Den Haag. Sister Stephanie, who also started at the local RKAV, recently made her debut in the Telstar Women’s Super League. And how could it be otherwise, both of them play left-backs. In addition, they share that they pass through the pain threshold on the character, should the team need it. Stephanie speaks this time.

Written by: Eddie Ferman

Top sport flows through the veins of Kempertjes. Grandpa Bob was a goalkeeper, and Father Gerard was an excellent (amateur) cyclist. “My mother played handball. At home it was and still is about football. My mother also follows everything.” Stephanie followed Brother Boy’s performance from an early age. I saw him playing football and I thought: I want that too. I started with mini dresses when I was seven years old. This was the time Clas Leflang organized it. Girls’ football really came to life here at that time. So you play not only with your age, but also with older girls. Before last summer, Klass asked me if I wanted to coach a team at RKAV and I was interested. I heard it was 10-3 for girls. I really looked at that. This means that there are three teams for girls in that age group. Then it has grown exponentially since you left here.”

At the time, she was the only one in her class playing soccer. “The other girls played handball. After school, too, the girls went to Tot together, and I went to play football with the boys in the schoolyard. I liked the game and when I came to RKAV there were more girls from the district. And we were also good, we didn’t shoot Always with the tip of the shoe for example.We won all the matches in a big way.Meanwhile I often looked at the boy.He wanted to become a professional.Why can’t I make it my profession?Women’s football appeared, there was a Super League and the players went abroad “.

Head and shoulders

“I was the only one from my team who had the dream. But there were more girls who could play football well and get to Women’s 1. Now the girls are still playing starting. Lynne Firmman for example. We had a lot of talent, for sure. I wasn’t head and shoulders above it. A player like Silvana Firman could have escorted me to Telstar in no time. But then you have to let go of a lot. Then there’s a little room to party.”

, with Jessica Posthumus, participated in KNVB’s Talent Days. This is where the ball started rolling for me. I was found out at the age of 12 by the coach of the girls’ academy at Telstar. Those girls played matches for VV Alkmaar. That meant I used public transport to Ijmuiden and Alkmaar several times a week. Sometimes I was on the bus at six in the morning. I went to a school where I was also allowed to train a few times in the morning.”

Meanwhile, Brother Boy thrived at De Toekomst. When I played at Telstar Under 16 we had my game for the first time on Saturday and then I raced to Boy’s matches home and away so I could watch there too. Later I played there myself as a Jong Telstar player. I remember when we got to De Toekomst with the girls everyone was so impressed. We also had this at PSV, a very nice and professional youth complex. Then you will also notice that when you are back there and there are new girls. Then we can point out that they really have to override it after entering, otherwise it will fail. But it’s really cool when you try it out, and then you set an example for other girls.”

“I’m hoping for a foreign adventure someday, for the experience. What’s life like as a professional, in a country where you don’t know anyone and you’re on your own?”

It has already lost several times against Ajax, most recently in the Eredivisie 2-7. ,, But we also played 2-2 times. Now that you’re in the first team, you just see that clubs like Ajax, PSV and FC Twente have better players and better facilities. Then you really have to have a good battle plan and execute it very well, or else they will just play through it.”

Telstar has played in the Premier League before. “And very well. When it was over, several girls went to VV Alkmaar. Two seasons ago, the idea came up to come back and I was ready for a new challenge. After mutual contact I was able to connect. This season we are newcomers to the Eredivisie and we also have a number of new players, so It takes time to get used to each other.” Currently, white lionesses are in last place. “You can see us growing every week. We work on this in different ways. By doing fun activities and we also have a mental coach. We recently had dinner together and also talked to each other in pairs. Then you get to know each other better and that’s good for the team process. After Winter holidays, I think we can surprise.

In March of this year she got injured, but Stephanie didn’t want to quit and continued to play. “Ankle injury. They didn’t see anything. I couldn’t even walk normally, but I played with painkillers. After that I struggled for a while, because we had a very small group.” Brother Boy recently did the same thing at ADO, and then had to go under the knife earlier than planned. “It’s in our character. Pain is an emotion, you can turn that off,” she smiles. ,, But it took too long, so everyone involved felt sorry after that. It only got better after Boy sent me to a physical therapist in early October. I started walking differently and that made things very off balance. Once I straightened up, I was able to train without pain again. finally.”


, before my recovery, I had already started training and going to IJmuiden just laps on the field, I thought that was a shame. So I grabbed my boots and got into RKAV here. A lot has changed, the panna cages, the Jan Smit playground, which didn’t exist yet. But when I walked down the corridors of the changing rooms, I smelled that old smell again, it hadn’t gone away yet,” she smiles. “Then I saw Klass. He asked me if I was interested in coaching a team and I had already thought about it. I started with shadows and now I give training once a week. Because I was training here as a young girl, I also thought it would be fun to pass on my enthusiasm for soccer to young girls. And now I see how much fun they have and that makes it fun. And they can also ‘clap’ nicely,” Stephanie laughs. “But they’re excited.”

“Women’s football – in all respects – is becoming more serious than it was at the beginning. Although opinions differ. There are still people who don’t like it, but more and more people like to watch it. Especially after the women won the European Championship in 2017, it has Already launched. Major competitions abroad.”

Players go out to Barcelona, ​​Arsenal and Paris Saint-Germain. “I would also like to step abroad. To a competition and a country like Norway, for example. To experience. What is it like to live as a professional there, in a country where you don’t know anyone and you are on your own.” When the boy returns, his sister—who works part-time childcare—will once again be a vigilant observer. “I automatically look at how he’s positioned. And if he’s going to the left, who’s going to take over, what’s the defensive position? He’s special though. Hopefully we both experience great football adventures.”

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