No prison, but TikTok clinic pedophiles (42): ‘Family left with rubble’

A year after his victim committed suicide (12), the judge in Alkmaar Jasper A. (42) From Hilversum for possession and solicitation of child pornography. In exchange for money and property, he received nude photos and videos from the child. The man receives treatment for his psychological problems. This is important, but there is absolutely no consolation for relatives.

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“I saw from the scar that it was my child,” the victim’s mother previously told NH Nieuws. In the Alkmaar court, more details about him appeared two weeks ago A connection between Jasper A. The 42-year-old from Hilversum and the 11-year-old from Alkmaar.

In November 2021, a teenager is found dead in his room. The police concluded it was suicide and see no reason to thoroughly search the mobile phone of the child, who was only 12 years old. the child’s mother wants and does.

I found several intimate photos and videos that turned out to be for an older man. a Dad sugar, say her child’s friends. They also mention a name: Jasper. The following chase, including via Facebook, leads to Hilversum.

The victim in this case is I was born as a girl, but he identified himself as a boy in the last year before his death. In the session, the judge spoke of a “girl”, but some relatives do not agree with that. And because the child is no longer alive and out of respect for those who are related to him, we will not mention his gender in this article.

Mother is approached by all kinds of people – relatives and people with the same name – and one of them, who happens to be a private detective from that town, manages to trace where Jasper lives. He also contacts the 42-year-old and convinces him to go to the police station with him to turn himself in.

But that’s where things go with the officer on duty, the researcher told NH News afterwards, and it’s rather tricky. “Sir, go home,” the police said, “because in this way you are cooperating with your own conviction and ‘the advertisement must be on the Internet.’” In his own words, the investigator had to talk like a bridge man before recognizing the significance of Jasper A.’s report.

In the end, the report is registered and only then does the police launch a sexual investigation into Hilversum. During searches of his house, a huge collection of child pornography was found on many computers: more than a million photos. The judge said of this during the hearing: “You must have spent a day working with him. It was all in volumes.”

Some of the children in the photos and videos were as young as five years old. There are also photos of the 11-year-old, who was already dead at the time of his arrest. He found the child “through the Tiktok algorithm”.

During the live broadcast, several people asked, “What did they get for ten euros?” [..] It was all about sex.”

Jasper A. was convicted. regarding contact with an 11-year-old girl

There he spent hours watching videos of young, skinny girls of his type. “account [naam kind] It was called “I Do Things for Money” and during it live streams Several people asked “what did they get for ten euros”. Jasper A. said: Himself “was all about sex”.

During Direct message beat you speak. This later continued on Instagram and Snapchat. The court now rules that in those conversations it became clear that the child was small and weak at the time. However, he asked the victim to take nude photos and videos of him and send them to him in exchange for gifts: money, clothes, cigarettes, an iPhone and a sex toy, chosen through an online store.

For “payments” he traveled several times from Hilversum to Alkmaar or Bergen. In his own words, A. lived for years in a virtual world. dreams world. Including women he could not get his real life and childhood. “Lockdown reinforced feelings of loneliness. About connecting with [naam kind] I feel so guilty. I feel responsible. I am so broken and low that I would prefer euthanasia.”

“He’ll get the help right, that’s fine [..] But it is hoped that the family will also find appropriate help.”

Wendy van Egmond is the attorney for the victim’s mother

A psychiatrist says the 42-year-old is autistic, suffers from depression and has a pedophilia disorder. “The suspect should have been aware that there was an extremely unequal and psychologically harmful relationship for the victim,” the court ruling said.

“He was guided by his feelings of lust and placed them above the interests of the victim child.” Jasper A. He will be sentenced to prison for this. He’s the only one who’s been in pre-trial detention since that time, so he doesn’t have to go back to jail. The day after the session, Hilversum was admitted to the clinic. He receives treatment there.

On the advice of the practitioner and monitoring service, this could be converted to ambulatory care (at home), possibly in an assisted living operation. If he resists psychiatric help, seeks contact with minors or watches child pornography within three years, he will still have to go to prison for a year.

Bitter pills for the family

For the family of the 11-year-old victim, the lawsuit was indeed a bitter pill to swallow, since, in their opinion, he was not wrongly sued for the death of their child. The lawyer for the mother of the child replied: “This verdict was expected. We already knew that this would not do justice to the situation.”

“He will get help rightfully, which is good for the community, but the family is left with rubble. It is hoped that they will find appropriate help as well. It is all very sad.”

Jasper A.’s attorney replies, “The clinic he’s already been admitted to, and that’s a good thing.”

Help site

Are you contemplating suicide? Call 113 Suicide Prevention Lifeline You can also call 0800-0113.

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