Jackie Laffoon performs with Jan Wittens and the Showcase Ballet, the play ‘Zo Dankbaar’: ‘We’re going to do great with our little company’

“We are going to do great things with our little company,” said Jackie Lavon during the press period for her new theatrical series “Zo Dankbaar” at the Tri-Arte Theater in Antwerp, as it was precisely a West Flemish encounter. Jackie grew up in Ostend. Singer Jan Wittens lives in Kruiseke/Wervik and Evelyn Delamelor, who is in charge of the ballet show D-Dance Productions, is from Lichtervelde.

Jacky Lafon has been involved in the VTM ‘Family’ series for 24 years. Will it return? “If that’s true, you’ll get the scoop,” Jackie laughs during the press moment, as the biggest news was that she’s going on tour with her variety show for the first time. “We’ve put together a nice group to go on tour. We’re young, but we’re strong too. Peter de Wolfe from Groep24 – who also works with Jacques Vermeer, Urbanus, Camille Spencens, Philip Goebbels … – asked me three years ago to think of something “But then Corona came and everything fell. It’s already now the first time in my career that I’m touring with a variety show. We’ll start in February 2023 in this room in Antwerp and then move on to Dendermonde, where I’m from. The tour is called ‘So Grateful’ and it’s I’m supposed to go to my fans. Everyone can see us in action just a stone’s throw away from their home, and therefore without having to travel far,” says Jackie.

Jackie Lavon © PADI / Daniel

“You know, it’s been a long time since my HT&D when I’ve toured Flanders. I’ve worked for old folks and old folks for 55 years, and I don’t deviate from it. This is my most beautiful crowd. I even turned it into a song.” “My republic is unique. Especially during the weekdays, we will spoil people and keep them happy with singing, laughing and dancing,” smiles Jackie. “I will try to bring a lot of humor, because people need that. We also have a wonderful ballet show led by Evelyn Delamelore. We will make it a big party and especially fun. We are not that many, but together we are strong. Jean has a lot to offer. He is a father of four with a voice Beautiful. In May next year he will play for five days in Rome, Prague, etc., along with a big orchestra. John is very humble. He doesn’t realize how talented he is. “Zo Dankbaar” will be a great show again really. We’ll try We’ll do our best again. We’ll be close to our audience and make people happy. The same performance goes twice in one hour, with a break in between.”

You can compare “Zo Dankbaar” to her summer show at Het Witte Paard in Blankenberge, Jackie confessed to us, but now on a smaller scale. “Jan will sing more and he will also bring the classics. People like it. I bring more humor and the dance group gets more attention too.”

Jan, Jackie and Evelyn
Jan, Jackie and Evelyn © PADI / Daniel

“I got to know Jackie at the Oktoberhallen in Wieze, but better at Het Witte Paard in Blankenberge. There I witnessed the most professional performances of my career, although I had already performed at venues both small and large, ”say Jan and Wittens. “I was glad that Jackie called me again for this new project. In Het Witte Paard I was glad that I was allowed to act, but in terms of training I am a classical singer, and singers also perform. Jackie adds: “Our older audience loves to hear songs like this. I noticed that at Het Witte Paard people loved hearing songs like this. We also bring humour. Some think it’s flat or old-fashioned humor, but I still call it folk humour. I’m crazy “Nonkels, which is a great programme. That’s folk too and there’s nothing wrong with that. I’m a big fan myself. I come from Dendermonde, I like folk humour. We performed last summer in front of a huge audience. It was a great success. About 8,000 people came to see those 26 shows At Het Witte Paard in Blankenberge, which is more than filling the Lotto Arena more than once. What shall we bring with “very grateful”? It will rather be a small variety show with pieces from the Colisée and Het Witte Paard, because I started eleven years ago at the Colisée in Blankenberge, As I wanted to celebrate 45 years in the profession. 2023 is going to be a great year for me thanks to ‘So Grateful’, among other things.” (PADI)

To date, the following performances of “Zo Dankbaar” are scheduled: Tuesday, February 7, 2023 (premiere at the Tri-Arte Theater in Antwerp), Wednesday, February 8 (CC Belgica in Dendermonde), Thursday, March 23 (Lux Hall in Kapellen), Tuesday 28th March (CC Den Hoogen Pad in Maldegem), Thursday 30th March (De Valkaart in Oostkamp), Thursday 6th April (De Nieuwe Melac in Zwijnaarde), Thursday 13th April (GC Forum in Wervik), Tuesday 18th April (CC Den Blank in Overijse) and Thursday 4 May (Staf Versluyscentrum in Bredene). One ticket costs 30 euros. Information and tickets:www.showtime.be

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