Stories for the literary tourist (31).

Introduction: We publish every week based on “Typical Spain” tips and information Author Frida Kleinjan A trip through Spain, but in a different way. The writer does this through well-known and lesser-known books and novels in order to bridge travel, culture, and literature throughout his weekly “Literary Travel Guide to Spain,” a must-have for readers interested in “literary tourism.” to do. Books can be ordered immediately via the links in the article to start your literary journey through Spain.

Literary tourism can be described as a type of cultural tourism that has developed in places related to events in novel texts. In other words, it is a new kind of cultural tourism that connects the imagination with the real world.

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What could be more beautiful than reading a light book on the beach, in the mountains or on the balcony, where Spain plays a leading role. It can be about love, be blood scary, have an emotional charge or be about wanting a completely different life. What all these books have in common is that you read them in one breath.

Katie Agnew: “Bubbles”

Curious to know how things are in mundane Marbella? bubbles Written by Katie Agnew gives an insight into her. Think: yachts, private jets, expensive nightclubs, designer clothes, sex, murder, con, glamor, millionaires and Russian mafia bosses. All this is intertwined in the story of the five main characters: Jasmine, Lita, Maxime, Grace and Charlie.

Yasmine comes from a poor family and is about to marry a famous soccer player. Will this dream wedding allow her to put her past behind her? Lita is married to a famous actor and has two beautiful children, but her heart is also broken. Either way, her marriage should work.

The three-divorced Maxim is still searching for the man in shining armor. She insists on being someone’s wife. How pure is the dream you are pursuing? Gossip journalist Grace wants to make a name for herself with a revealing story. Will you find that in Marbella? Charlie is a special case. He is a criminal who wants to improve his life.

They all pretend to be different than they are. The question quickly arises of how long it will be before the truth emerges.

click here to order this book. Katie Agnew, Lumpy, Truth & Dare Publishers, 2007, translated by Marion Drolsbach.

Linda van Rijn: “Costa Brava”

It seems that the impossible has happened. Irene finds out when she reads the messages on Jaco, her husband’s, mobile phone. This clearly shows that he is in a relationship with a certain Alina. Surely they agreed he would never cheat on her?

At first he denied everything, but when the screws were tightened on him, he could no longer avoid it and confess everything. The atmosphere in the house is to die for. Are you letting the summer vacation that’s just around the corner go by or not? When Erin sees how much the kids are looking forward to their annual camping holiday in… Costa Brava I decided to go anyway. She, too, needs to relax herself, and her younger sister, Ryan, goes with the family.

Once in Spain, the weather gets better. Jack pretends nothing happened. The children quickly made friends at the camp site crowded with Dutch. Erin also feels more comfortable in her own skin because of the sun and sea.

Then she runs into Bob the Magician, the uncle of her daughter Nikki’s best friend. I started a conversation with him. She soon finds herself drawn to his muscular physique and takes up flirting with him. At the same time, she realized that she could not do this to her children. She wanted to give her marriage another chance during this holiday, right? Bob thinks very differently about that.

Costa Brava is a smoothly written book that only gets truly exciting at the end. So it is more of a thriller than a literary thriller, as stated on the cover.

Linda Van Rijn takes her readers to vacation destinations where the sun almost always shines. In 2022, it is revealed that Linda van Rijn is the pseudonym of Mariette Middlebeck (1938), author of many good novels and collections of journalistic stories.

click here to order this book. Linda van Rijn, Costa Brava, Marble Publishing, 2019.

“Typical Spain”
the book “A typical tour of Spain through a whimsical country” Written and compiled by Frida Kleingan , is a collection of fascinating stories on a wide variety of subjects: architecture, visual arts, literature, sports, film, nature, music, traditions… All these different cultural expressions shape Spain’s identity, reveal its soul, and show the country in its entirety. shadow thing. There is something new to discover for every Spain lover. click here to order this book.

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