Winters Weekly Overview | Verstappen hailed after the Abu Dhabi GP, and the rumors about Binotto still linger

In the winter weeks, the quiet can sometimes be frightening in regards to global Formula 1 news. There are no races and you can return to your favorite Formula 1 website at a slightly lower rate. But don’t worry: In this weekly overview, every Sunday we update you on all the news from the past week, to allow you to start a new winter week with a fresh memory. What happened in the world of Formula One this week? Check it out here in our Winter Weekly Overview F1 max!

Monday, November 21: Verstappen has received a lot of praise from the international media

Max Verstappen managed to win the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in dominant fashion. That was the icing on the cake, because the Red Bull Racing driver had already had a great season. Verstappen’s performance at the Yas Marina Circuit received much praise from the international media. And the Spaniards wrote: “There were fireworks in the sky, but there was a real star on the track.” ash. Max Verstappen also won the last race in Abu Dhabi, his 15th win of the season, no one else has done before, and completed a simply perfect campaign circuit on the tarmac where his legend was forged a year ago.

Verstappen can also count on plenty of praise from former Formula 1 drivers. “He’s a great driver,” Rosberg told Sky Sports. “He’s a great driver,” said Nico Rosberg. Sky Sports. It’s easy to say that he would be one of the greatest drivers of all time. If you look at his stats, you have to conclude that he really is. The world champion broke many records during the season. In addition, he has already managed to win more victories than Fernando Alonso. So Rosberg thinks Verstappen has ruined the competition.

Tuesday, November 22: Formula 1 drivers make counters during a Pirelli tire test

Although the last race of the season has already been held, the year is not entirely over yet for the drivers. At the Yas Marina Circuit, the drivers took to the track to test the Pirelli rubber. In 2023, the Italian tire manufacturer will come out with an additive compound. Most drivers were reasonably satisfied with the tires and the number of kilometers they could drive after testing. For most drivers, it was the last formal commitment of the year, allowing Sergio Perez, for example, to go to the World Cup after testing to watch the Mexico game.

Wednesday 23 November: A former Mercedes employee has left the FIA

Former Toto Wolff advisor Sheila Ann Raue has announced that she will leave the FIA ​​at the end of the Formula 1 season. She worked at Mercedes until June and then made a move to the board of directors, but will not work there next year. Whether there is a connection to earlier rumors that she would be involved in leaking information about Red Bull’s budget cap breach is not yet known. Rao was already discredited when it moved from the German racing team to the FIA, but after the controversy surrounding Red Bull’s budget limit violation, it only got worse.

Verstappen also made it clear on Wednesday that he will again drive the No. 1 on his Red Bull car next year. Naturally, the world champion has the option to go back to his trusted number 33, but the Dutchman keeps the champion number. “I think it’s the driver’s best number,” Verstappen admits “How often do you get the chance to drive No. 1 in your Formula 1 career? I can always go back to No. 33 when I’m no longer world champion.

Thursday, November 24: Ferrari is considering vetoing the 2026 engine regulations

According to the generally well-established The Italian branch of Ferrari wants to veto it. The racing stable will not be happy with the fact that Red Bull Powertrains will be given newcomer status. Three parties are currently registered, namely Mercedes, Audi and Red Bull Powertrains. While the latter two are taking some advantage, Ferrari believes Red Bull is already benefiting enough from its relationship with Honda.

Friday, November 25: The rumors about Binotto persist

Rumors had already surfaced before the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix that Ferrari’s Frederic Vasseur would replace current team boss Mattia Binotto. These rumors did not subside after the race at Yas Marina Circuit. according to Corriere della Sera Binotto had now decided to leave Scuderia himself. The reason is the distrust he feels from President John Elkann. Vasseur was again named as the Italian’s successor.

Saturday 26th November: Support for Binotto from the Ferrari camp

A day after the new rumors surrounding Binotto, it became clear that Ferrari is not keen on the expected appointment of Vasseur as the new team boss. wrote that Corriere della Sera on Saturday morning. According to the Italian newspaper, the team boss does not have to leave even with regard to those he least admires. It is feared that another major change at the top of the Formula 1 team could negatively affect the development of the 2023 car. In addition, the newspaper reports that Charles Leclerc in particular will have a significant impact on Vasseur’s appointment.

Sunday, November 27: Verstappen thanks Honda, Williams doesn’t like Porsche

Verstappen was in Japan for the weekend Honda Racing Thanksgiving Day. There, the driver was allowed to drive laps in a Red Bull car and at the same time say goodbye to Pierre Gasly. The Frenchman has been part of the Red Bull family for many years, but will join the Alpine team next year. During his days in Japan, Verstappen was particularly grateful for the cooperation with Honda. “It’s great to work with Honda. This year we had a lot of strength. You could see that on the straights, of course, where we were one of the fastest companies.

German Cars, engines and sports He wrote on Sunday that the only possibility for Porsche to enter Formula 1 is with Williams. After the failed deal with Red Bull, much remains unclear about the German carmaker’s future. According to Medium, the Grove team had no connection with Porsche whatsoever and Williams is not for sale either. Fifty percent cannot be captured, just like with Red Bull, because after that it remains to be seen who has the last word. Moreover, Porsche currently does not have the infrastructure to truly enter Formula 1.

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