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What happened in Alvin aan den Rijn last week? From two-meter Christmas trees and YouTuber Alphen aan den Rijn to a taxi that is a traffic hazard. You can read this and more in our weekly overview on

Visited last week YouTuber Gio Alphen aan den Rijn during the YouTube series Hunting season for the StukTV group. After a number of elevators, Geo had to find a new traffic light elevator at Eisenhowerlan.

Tuesday, November 22, 11:59 PM to November 25, 5:00 AM Work is underway on the Crossroads Bridge. The corrosion layer on the bridge deck has been repaired and the bridge has been renovated. This can disrupt traffic.

LAURA will permanently cancel De Avond LAURA from 2023. LAURA is an annual event where people from Alphen and the surrounding area get on their bikes and cycle through the Groene Hart. However, the number of participants has decreased in the past few editions. This is why the organization made this decision.

I’m also cooking for you I thanked Alfinarine this week for the record number of donations. At the end of October, we asked Alvin residents not to use them Zip lottery gift cards To donate to I COOK FOR YOU TOO. Gift cards can be handed out at Albert Heijn in the Aarhof or at Mariska or Petra itself. This has been heard a lot.

Pauw Pauwlo, who recently turned Kerk en Zanen upside down, was reunited with his owner this week. After the peacock had spent a few days in the animal ambulance, its owner came to fetch the animal. The bird was a little far from home, because it is a benthoyzen, just like the owner.

On the morning of Friday, November 25, two-meter-high Christmas trees were put up In the center of Alphen aan den Rijn. A Christmas tree at least 10 meters high has been placed in Rijnplein and Thorbeckeplein.

Messages from executors

Last Sunday, a police report was filed for a nuisance caused by fireworks. This is because people were setting off fireworks from a balcony in Ambachtenbuurt. “I finally got into the house and acted appropriately. There were no more fireworks going off there,” says local police officer Ronald Junkman.

On many provincial roads in the south of the Netherlands Rules such as the correct use of crash exits and carpool spaces are ignored. To make the N207 safer, among other things, additional toll gates will be deployed on district roads across the province of South Holland.

On Monday, November 21, the judge reiterated the ruling The 24-year-old Buscooper who killed the 20-year-old cyclist on July 8. The driver was sentenced to three years in prison.

on me On Monday afternoon, a motorist became unwell at the Goudse Schouw in Alvin. The driver first ran over a lamppost and then ended up in the water. The police and ambulance had to reach the scene.

On Monday afternoon, a fire was reported in Iknlan Prison. Several fire engines, ambulances and police arrived at the prison but were able to return immediately. What exactly happened is unknown.

On the evening of Friday, November 18, the police received a report of a “dangerous traffic” taxi. Among other things, overtake several cars at high speeds by driving in the bus lane and ignoring the red light. The driver was suspended and fined several times.

On Saturday, November 19, he performed Lan der Continen broke into Alvin aan den Rijn’s apartment. This robbery occurred between 13:00 and 21:00. Jewelry has been stolen from the house. The police are conducting an investigation.

Last week was a Friday night In the The police reported a drug deal. According to a witness, a drug deal took place at the Zuidpoolsingel in Alphen aan den Rijn around 9pm that evening. However, after a search, the police did not find any cars.

On the evening of Wednesday, November 23, an accident occurred along the N207 between Alvin aan den Rijn and Boskop. A motorist and her car ended up in the water. The driver had crashed her car into a tree, after which she ended up in the nearby ditch. Several emergency services have arrived at the scene.


Alvin City Council on Thursday, November 24 Both the Housing Vision and Target Group legislation have been adopted. However, it does not include a social housing application more than what is listed as a minimum.

This week is the first Free parking for an hour and a half at Alphense Stadshart “Behind the barrier” with the approval of the Council. However, there is a difference of opinion about the funding chosen.

Alvin City Council is not satisfied with the progress made in seeing better heritage protection in the municipality. Concretely, an investigation of Veenplas is required. On the other hand, Alderman sees this lake as part of the Rietveld Polder and the lake should find a place in a larger group.

Alvin aan den Rijn has long been annoyed with the former council house in Burgemeester Visserpark. Alderman Gerard van As suggested leasing the building to Scala College as accommodation for their superstructure. Now that there is an idea, it should be discussed with the city council before further steps are taken.


Last Sunday was the second round of the Vernigings competition. This time the AZC and the other associations were guests at Bergschenhoek. It was a bit exciting up front because AZC really wanted to do well to see if they could lead the competition.

Last weekend I also found out The National Taekwondo Championships are held in The Hague. 14-year-old Ciana He participated in this for the first time and immediately managed to achieve second place.

The Football Association of Football has been trying to make field lights more sustainable for a year now, But an agreement from the municipality is not forthcoming. This week, the municipality reported that existing towers still need to be approved.

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