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By the editorial staff on 10-30-2022

BORCULO – Recently, Borculo’s Tegelzetbedrijf Ditzel and Edwin Susebeek’s Gelderse Keepers School signed a sponsorship agreement for major sponsorship. This makes Tegelzetbedrijf Ditzel the sponsor of Ditzel Apparel for Applicant and Applicant Plus for 3 years. Edwin Sobeck explains. “Now gives Gelderse Keepers the opportunity to purchase new outfits for this collection, which has been on my wish list for quite some time! Thank you so much for the trust.”

Briefly in Borculo
Edwin Susebeek was a brief resident of Borculo, but the municipality of Berkelland did not grant permission for a long-term residence. So, Gelderse Keepers School recently moved to Westendorp, where they managed to enter into a 5-year agreement.

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Mega Show Concert December 10, 2022, Concordia Beltrum Music Association

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Cognition: Nils Wurtmann – Computer Parts. NL – Eibergen

Martin Koopman

Cent visits Dijkook
BORCULO – Last Wednesday Sinterklaas and 3 Peten visited the smallest of VV DEO. One by one DE……
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Results of the sv De Kroon Eibergen shooting competition
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3D printing workshop for adults
NEEDE – The Oost-Achterhoek Library is organizing Digitheek’s ‘Kerstorname’ workshop……
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An evening for associations, voluntary organizations and resident initiatives
Birkeland – The first edition of See Each Other in Birkeland was a success. That is why Naoberfonds and platform and bed volunteers …
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Head-on collision on Hekweg
GEESTEREN – At the end of Thursday morning, emergency services headed to Hekweg (N315) in Geesteren. At the intersection of Hikoei…
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Organization satisfied with the 2022 Kolderhoeve concert
Rittmolen – Kolderhof’s party organization seems to be a successful version which was good for about 3,500 visitors. Saturday night we…
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PORCOLO – Emmert Fix, Director of Vocational Secondary Education at Zone College, signed on Wednesday 23 November with Chris Van Malderen, Director of Operations at Royal GD……
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Benefits of work order systems for businesses
Birkeland – If you have or are going to start your own company, you may have heard of the term work order. But what is the exact function…
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An interactive conversation during the “Climate Talks” workshop
BIRKLAND – About 20 interested people attended the Climate Talks workshop on November 14th. It was an interactive conversation about I……
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Ski Clinic Ned, Nordic & Rittmolen Are you in?
NEEDE – Students of groups 6 to 8 from Neede, Noordijk and Rietmolen get the chance to learn to ski after school in the IJsbaan Twente……
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Regional public transportation rate rises 7.24%
Berlin – Regional public transport fares will increase by 7.24%. It depends on the National Tariff Index (LTI) and the national agreement……
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The municipality buys a plot of land from Groenloseweg 44 in Ruurlo subject to the approval of the city council
BERKELLAND – The municipality of Berkelland has reached an agreement with the owners of Groenloseweg 44 in Ruurlo to purchase the plot of land. in h……
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Boenders Eibergen

Jokes by Marcel Struitt

Worry what a mess
The need – the root of gas and electricity collapses. What a shame you can’t pay me everything, what a disgusting situation. Noah got all kinds of advice……
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camel whim
Need – Dreuge, dreuge, dreuge At the time of this writing, we’re just back under the jam market and bathed. It wasn’t full and stuff…
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Butterflies on the head
Need – On my daily commute Benoit from Niue Noir Beltrum I suddenly sucked all the flags from one day to the next. Azan bee……
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Fratzen Colors Wall Bay
Need – well we haven’t broken a bit lately, here and through the moss and some worn out tiles. Ok, a piece of moose wall, renewed with……
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Stretch takes a big hit in injury time in a win over Sportclub Neede

Rax – A real touchdowner this afternoon at Sportclub ‘t Asterlo. Gym Ned came to visit Rickin. Both teams were evenly matched. As befits a touchdown duel, it was a game that had it all. Ned took the lead twice, but Ricken took the lead. When the winning goal fell in the 95th minute, Ned was on the field with only ten men. Goalkeeper Pim Wijdam was sent off with a red card. Gerrit Mengerink then spoke to both coaches about the emotionally charged duel.

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