Greenlight for animal husbandry research at KFPS

Roelof Bosse, Detlev Eling, Martin Bridfield, and Jan Feldhuis

On the evening of Friday, November 25, the KFPS Board of Members overwhelmingly approved a four-year study titled “Friesian Horse Conservation.” At the meeting of the board of directors, board members Roelof Bos and Detlef Elling were bid farewell, who was not only the first foreign board member, but also the first foreign board member to be awarded the honorary title of KFPS ambassador. as new board members Martin Bredfield and Jan Wildhuis welcomed.

Detlev Eling was named KFPS Ambassador

The KFPS Board of Directors consists of two new members, Martyn Bredfield and Jan Feldhuis. In Zwolle, Roelof Bos said goodbye, who will remain on the commission for the structure of the genealogical book. “Roelof took a step forward two years ago at a time of board crisis,” said Board Chairman John Boot. “It took some time to get used to the other side of the table.” Together with Jan Raaijmakers and Anita van Kempen, they managed to keep KFPS running when only two board members were left. One of those two was Detlev Eling, who left this members’ council meeting after eight years on the board because his term on the council had expired. Council of Members Chairman John Boot praised Ealing’s efforts. He kept KFPS in check, and drove countless kilometers in all those years between Germany and the Netherlands.
Elling decisively led the association through a very difficult period and was awarded the KFPS Ambassador position as a token of appreciation. In his farewell speech, Eiling recalled his appointment as a board member in 2014. “As the first foreign board member, it was discussed at length. I had to wait in the aisle for 45 minutes before I actually got the appointment. However, my breeder,” Vom Friesenhof, said. Almark” has already completed a full board term in Germany and has been a board member for seven years. Despite the fact that his life has been dominated by KFPS management in recent years, he says goodbye with peace of mind. “We have a team that I fully trust. I am proud to have been able to mean something to the Friesian horse and its breeders.
Paul Wijnands was appointed to the Appellate Committee, and Sander Putman and Esther Liano were reappointed to the Breeding Board.

Unanimous approval of funding

About breeding research in three foreign online meetings and Three meetings under the title iHe said a lot in the Netherlands. Wageningen University researchers Marieje Stenzema and Bart Ducros received the green light from the Council of Members to begin their research. In addition, all DNA information from the 80k SNP tests for colts will be collected and analyzed in the coming years. With this new DNA technology, prescribed by the European Union for stud book approval, breeders immediately gain certainty about a foal’s sire and potential carrier status. “The approval of the research is a congratulation to all of us and a boon to the horse writers,” said KFPS Chair Tenneke Shuker. “This research is a step forward and at the same time very challenging.”
The Council of Members wholeheartedly and unanimously (100%) agreed to fund breeding research, although co-financing of the research, which will take a total of four years and cost approximately €300,000, has not yet been arranged. For funding, an appeal is made to the Equity of the Horse Book.

Contribution remains the same, adjusted foal registration rate

With known cost increases and an imminent recession, genealogy writers were careful about budgeting for the coming year. To bring this budget to the desired zero bottom line, the Council of Members approved a number of savings to prevent the CPI of 14.5% from being added to rates. For example, the Phryso Society’s magazine will not be published 12, but 10 times in 2023, although it is possible to expand the pages for each issue. With higher prices for services, the Members Council has been able to limit rising costs for members. In the end, their proposal to keep the contribution the same and drop the 3.5% addition in the foal registration fee was honored. Motivate the Council of Members in particular to continue to encourage breeders to raise foals. Other rates will increase by 12%. It is estimated that the 2023 budget will be negative at minus 50,000 euros.

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