Beatrix’s pride: this is how she spoils (and spoils) her eight grandchildren

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Princess Beatrix has been bringing the family together for years on regular family outings. They gather for days at Groene Draeck, barbecues in the garden and afternoon parties at Drakensteyn Castle. Eloise told two years ago in an interview with YouTuber Robbert Rodenburg that she also takes friends to her grandmother’s.

The grandkids are busy, but keep Beatrix in the know with a digital photo frame. Using an application, they can send photos there, which will be shown in the princess’ home.

holidays and excursions

On Easter, the oranges enjoy the sun, the pool, and good food Draconic rock, a former princess’ vacation home in Tuscany. The grandchildren also visit Grandma at Christmas. Eloise: ‘We eat out extensively and do a Christmas show with all our cousins. We actually think we’re too old for this now and our parents should do this, it’s always a funny discussion in the family.

In Lech, people ski, cook and play together every year. In the past, we’ve also taken a few long trips together. Together they went to South America and on safari in Africa.

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Princess Beatrix’s grandchildren have had a hard time together. Queen’s Day 2009 ends in drama when a car crashes into the crowd. The devastation of the family members who returned to Het Lou Palace with the children after the attack must have had a great impact. That afternoon, the Orangemen allowed the planned show to continue in the palace without an audience, as a distraction for the youngsters.

Luana Zaria Beatrix

In 2012, Prince Friso had a skiing accident, just before the start of the family holiday in Lech. While the grandchildren are enjoying the snow, the adults take turns escorting Princess Mabel to the hospital. At Friso’s funeral a year and a half later, Princess Beatrix, along with Mabel and her daughters, walks in the funeral procession.

Princess and her daughters Luana and Zaria live in London, but Grandmother Beatrix and other members of the royal family visit London regularly. For example, Klaus Casimir flew to London last week to spend time with his niece Luana. “I miss him already!” Mabel’s daughter said on social media after his passing.


A long-established tradition in the Van Oranje family is that their granddaughters receive a ring from Beatrix on the night they turn ten. She asks the parents to put the jewel on her granddaughter’s finger in silence at night. For example, Eloise woke up on her birthday with a gold ring with diamonds and sapphires on her finger. Princess Amalia received a historical copy from Wilhelmina’s jewelry box. Royal family expert Marc van der Linden once said that Princess Beatrix gives all of her grandchildren €1 million as a gift when they turn 18.

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Influencer (gravity) and Princess

What is most characteristic of the company is the very different lives of the eldest descendants of Beatrix. Since childhood, we see that Eloise (20) and Amalia (18) get along well. They walk hand in hand through the snow in the lich like little girls, hugging each other while taking pictures. The most beautiful photo of two daughters was taken at Ariane’s baptism. They roll it on the church floor with their hands over their ears while playing a piece of music.

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Amelia Eloise

Amelia Eloise

Two girls from the same city with the same famous grandmother, but with different lives. The larger the offspring, the more pronounced the difference. Eloise has since become influential and befriended many well-known Dutch people. She talks about her life online, but prefers not to talk about her family. Last summer I participated in the talk show time to max Image of Amalia shoved under her nose. “Look how beautiful she is,” said Eloise affectionately.

Walking the path of a future king, Amalia can’t bear to share publicly on social media and stroll among the stars. She tries to protect her private life as much as possible, as her father always advised her. Where Eloise casually appears with a tiara and cake in her hand on the cover of LINDA last year, Amalia made her debut months later at a royal ceremony in Norway.

The Countess influencer And the heir to the throne, but on the sofa with only two beloved granddaughters on the sofa.

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