Moving to HALSE next to the municipality of Haras de Wisbecq


From November 28, 2022, policemen on horseback will move from the Federal Police to the Haras de Wisbecq, a former stud farm in Rebecq, Walloon Brabant. This new and modern website offers many advantages.

  • Animal welfare

    The cavalry horses of the Federal Police are currently still mounted at the De Witte De Haelen barracks at Etterbeek in the Brussels-Capital Region. In this police neighborhood there is not a single pasture for horses and due to urban environment there are no running pastures in the area. There is only one covered track for the cavalry’s 110 horses, and the stables on the complex are outdated.

    Former horse stall Haras de Wisbecq Its area is fifteen hectares. There are ten hectares of pasture for the horses and the domain includes two covered slopes and 145 stables that comply fully with animal welfare regulations.

  • Better for the environment

    The Haras de Wisbecq It is almost neutral in terms of energy. There are a total of 450 solar panels, the interiors are well insulated and one million liters of rainwater is collected through the roofs each year. Hay and straw could be supplied from the vicinity, as there is much farming in the area.

    Thanks to this step, the polluting freight transportation of hay, straw, manure, and the transportation of horses themselves could disappear from the capital.

  • Lower (running) costs

    Thanks to energy saving measures, rainwater harvesting and proximity to agricultural land, there is a low operating cost for the stable complex Haras de Wisbecq.

    The Haras de Wisbecq It is located southwest of Brussels, along the E429 motorway, and is easily accessible. As a result, it will cost less time and money on average to bring the horses to the starting point for the task. The cavalry provides support to local police districts and federal services throughout Belgium, and therefore has to move around a lot.

    The agency bought the buildings Haras de Wisbecq The end of last year in the amount of 11.7 million euros. On the other hand, the costs of the necessary renovation of the cavalry rooms in the De Witte de Haelen barracks were estimated to be at least €20 million.

  • More space at Etterbeek

    Moving the cavalry will free up space in the barracks in Etterbeek. The Building Agency is investigating how this space can be used as efficiently and effectively as possible for the benefit of the police and security services.

The agency bought the buildings Haras de Wisbecq December 2022. In the past year, a number of necessary steps have been taken to ensure that the transfer process takes place as smoothly as possible for horse police personnel participating in the Directorate of Public Security (DAS) of the Federal Police.

An important step is to provide social support measures to all employees whose workplace has been transferred to Rebecq. The staff concerned retain their Brussels allowance and are allowed to take their leave more flexibly. As a transitional measure, a kilometer allowance applies for one year for additional kilometers required by a change of workplace. People who do not wish to relocate can apply for another job within the Public Safety Directorate. In addition, they can apply for a job outside that directorate more quickly than usual.

At the beginning of this week, there was another site visit Haras de Wisbecq. A number of concerns have arisen that will soon be addressed or have already been addressed. This concerns, for example, electrical work, the installation of sufficient shower cabins for employees and other matters that allow employees to work in good and safe conditions.

with purchase Haras de Wisbecq And commissioning from next week the cavalry begins a new era in modern infrastructure.

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Emile Defogler | November 23, 2022

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