Marjolene van Land van Gueuren: ‘People are often pleasantly surprised when they spot me’

Be honest: how often do you check out the Beekstraat? Apeldoorners who take the step, pass the Land van Geuren shop, among others. We go in for a conversation with the owner, Marjolein Torbijn (48). “It’s so wonderful what’s going on in nature and how it can help us.”

The soothing piano sounds of Eric Satie caress the eardrums as they enter the land of fragrances. Marjolein Torbijn opened the shop on Beekstraat in May 2021, after sharing a shop with another Koning Lodewijklaan entrepreneur for a while. Before that she had a shop in Zutphen with her sister who designs the cards herself. “When my sister stopped a year later, I started my own business here in Apeldoorn.”

Much more than just essential oils

Her sister Cards was also given a place in the Land van Geuren, under the name Land van Li. “The store’s name was actually inspired by my sister’s company name, I thought it sounded good. Although I’m increasingly considering taking on a different name, because now I sell so much more than just essential oils,” smiles Marjolene.

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Stones, crystals and candles

You’ll find many different types of gemstones, lamps, mini candle holders made of rose quartz, green quartz, salt crystals, natural soaps and shampoos, beeswax (candles), jewelry, honey, herbal teas, and propolis, a product made from bee resin. It is used against all kinds of diseases. People also come here when they are looking for a gift.

Interest feeds

But it all started with essential oils. “When I was 17, I worked for a year in a natural pharmacy in Amersfoort. After that I didn’t do anything with it anymore. Ten years ago, interest was renewed when someone advised using the oils when my son was very restless and sleeping poorly because of the grandparents. who passed away. Since then, I’ve really gotten into it.”

Essential oils and hydrolases

In addition to essential oils, Marjolein also sells hydrosols, which are by-products of essential oil production. “Unlike essential oils, you can mix them with water. You can also use pure hydrolates, as they are less intense than essential oils. For example, you can spray cornflower water directly into your eyes against irritation and itching.”

You can use essential oils in different ways. If you want to apply the oil somewhere on your body, always mix it with another oil first (otherwise it can irritate the skin), such as macadamia oil (“absorbs well”), almond oil (“very good for massage”), sesame oil ( “heated warm”) or argan oil. You can also spray the oil with a diffuser.


When she put her theater training on hold due to her mother’s illness, she started an essential oils shop with her sister. “I start training in herbs and oils. I also had a physical geography part during a social geography course. Then you also learn a lot about soil composition. That’s how I know about stones.” It all comes together here in the shop.

From girls to ladies

Who will come to her? “Very different, from girls of 8-10 who come here by bike from De Maten to buy bricks, to ladies with walkers. By the way guys come here too. Many people who come here for the first time are pleasantly surprised to be here. Once they discover Lee, they often come back.

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to give advice

“It’s good to advise them,” says Marjolene Bean, who has helped many clients. Her niece Ronja helps out sometimes. “She is here one Saturday in the month, so I can have a normal weekend with my family, which is very nice. On Thursdays, I often get help from Tamara, who helps me with advice on stones. And Gia helps me with bracelets.” , which I sell here.

own favourites

Favorite marjoram oils? First of all, it’s good to know that they sell single oils (pressed from a single source, usually Shankara branded) and multiple oils (mixtures, usually Oshadhi branded). “When I go for a run, I often smear Three Suns (including silver fir, orange, and myrrh) on my chest and stomach, which help lower my heart rate. Peppermint oil helps with headaches, and the eucalyptus-like Ravintsara plant works to open up the lungs.” “.

Future workshops

“It’s amazing what nature has created and how it can help us,” says Margolin. For now, Marjolin’s focus is on the store, but who knows, maybe she’ll offer in-store workshops in the future to teach interested parties more about the oils’ impact.

Distinguished entrepreneur

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