A fruit and vegetable source for nearly 100 years

In 1892, the great-grandfather of the current manager, Niko Brewers, was the Nick Company. Brewers was founded. At that time there were no auctions in the Netherlands. The exporters then obtained the vegetables on commission from the market gardeners. Klaas Breuers in Germany sold them at the best possible price. After the sale, the gardening was settled. He traveled from Venlo to the German markets on horse and cart. Later sellers sent. At that time, the car was still being sold in the market. The trade soon expanded: a few trucks were purchased and shipments were also made by wagons. Over the years, the company has lived through the difficult 30s and two world wars. In the 1930s the offices in Düsseldorf and Wuppertal were closed.

Mr. Nico Brewers, 4th generation manager

In the post-war years Nico Brewers did a lot of business with Belgium. In the first years after the war, trade with Germany was still very difficult. Things didn’t really start until after liberation. Until the 1970s, Breuers’ focus was on supplying industry, but later the company focused more and more on supplying to wholesale markets and chain stores. Currently [1988] About 55% of sales go to the Federal Republic, and the rest to other markets, mainly France.

Sales Department

“While Belgium used to be a major buyer of Dutch vegetables, we now face a lot of competition from the Belgians. This has become increasingly important in recent years. We now buy regularly at Belgian auctions. Sometimes our customers demand Belgian quality and sometimes the prices are attractive,” As Mr. Nico Brewers says. He continues, “Because we buy throughout the Benelux, we can sell our customers a more comprehensive program. Very few are able to do that.”

Part of the warehouse with offices of 2000 square meters

We have also been operating in the French market since 1970. Initially, we supplied only industry, but later shipments were added to wholesale markets and chain stores. We supply the whole fruit and vegetable package from Holland and Belgium. We operate mainly in the east and north of the country up to Paris “. When asked if Dutch exports have a future in the French market, Nico Browers replies: “This future depends to a large extent on a number of factors that we cannot reach. I am thinking about Belgium’s position, which is getting stronger, towards Midi, as they are becoming more aware By quality, for Spain, which has emerged rapidly in recent years, and I am also thinking of Morocco, for example, of tomatoes, which, despite the advent of spring, we still see on the markets.The Dutch exporter is already manufacturing and this will only increase in the future Dutch Exporter’s strength lies in the distribution system, on-time delivery, quality and unit packing.In addition, it is continually supported by the base that I count for growers market, auctions and scientific research among them.And I believe that great knowledge still gives the Dutch an edge over other countries “.

Lots of activity in the warehouse

“We try to think about the market. It’s only possible if we know what the market is doing. The market is always on the move. We’ve seen the rise of chain stores with associated packaging unit. Now there’s clearly another trend that the consumer wants to decide for himself how much he wants to buy.” The customer chooses and weighs himself, as we see in the southern countries. He determines the quantity himself, but despite this development, the packaging unit will continue to exist. In addition, in Germany and France we see the emergence of specialized stores for fruits and vegetables. In some cases, the creation of These stores are by the same store chain,” says Nico Prior.

In recent years, Nikko Brewers has also been involved in importing fruits from southern hemisphere countries and citrus fruits that come from abroad. They are bought in Rotterdam and Antwerp or where the prices are right. Customers who buy a few pallets will get this right at home with their other veggies. Full truckloads go directly from the ports to the destination. About half of fresh market deliveries go to markets and the other half to chain stores.

The construction area is 2,000 square meters and an additional 3,500 square meters is undeveloped. Breuers employs a total of 35 people, of whom 7 work in the sales department and 4 in the purchasing department. Nico Breuers is one of the few exporters with what is called the i-2-s system. This was created by Auctioneers and Buyers. Through this system, one can monitor the price development of 8 auctions. If necessary, you can intervene immediately. During the auction, each man watches two auctions. “Thanks to this system, we can buy favorably for our customers. The company has 6 truck groups. In addition to our transportation, our other charters are constantly running, even in the quiet winter months,” concludes Mr. Nico. Brewers.

A movie made for the 100th anniversary of Nick Brewers

Source: Primeur 15 – Volume 2-22 April 1988

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