Manon from Steenwijk saves a cat with a baby leash around its neck: “You still can’t tell without crying” | 112 Steenwijkerland News

The unfortunate day of a kitten ended on the second Wednesday of November. The animal was found by Manon of Steenwijk with a child’s hands tied around its neck. The police are now looking for the perpetrators of the attack. And are they disbelieving? She decided to adopt the kitten with her boyfriend after she was isolated at the shelter for two weeks.

Anyone who sees “Moxi,” as she was baptized by Manon, will not suspect that the animal’s life was still hanging by a thread two weeks ago. Manon was walking her dog on Oostermeenthepad, about a hundred meters from Esveenseweg along the Aa, when she saw a “black ball” lying in the reeds. “I still can’t tell the story without crying. My dog ​​was so convulsive, all of a sudden his head got stuck in a ball and he blew so hard. Our dog is still a teenager and he wants to be friends with everything that lives, but he immediately came to her aura. She was so weak.”

The Steenwijk woman immediately saw that Moxi had half baby handcuffs around her neck. “I could see that she had dug a hole in the reeds, which gave her a warm spot, but she was doused herself.”

Swollen glands due to handcuffing

Manon put her coat over the shivering cat and called her friend to ask her for a cat basket. Moxie didn’t object because she was weak, but she was grumpy and glad someone found her. When Manon’s friend came home, he untied the shackles with a screwdriver. “It was so tight around Moxi’s neck that my friend could only put the tip of his little finger between them.”

When Manon went to work, her boyfriend took Moxy to the vet. “We had put a hot water bottle in her travel basket to keep her warm, but it had to be checked.” Moxi had a red film covering her eyes. Her glands were swollen by the handcuffs. “I immediately indicated that I wanted it, even though my boyfriend swallowed it because we already have a dog and two cats.” However, the vet was realistic: First the cat had to survive the night.

The animal was quarantined at Dierenasiel de Kluif for two weeks. Manon left the handcuffs there for the police. “I called every day to ask how Moxy was doing. Our dog also goes to the nursery there, so my friend can visit him more often.”


I think Moxie saved herself by climbing over the side

Manon, the owner of the kitten Moxy

Sabine Meagher, one of De Kluif’s managers, took the kitten in after treatment at the vet. According to her, the cat looked nervous. He had already taken the medicine by that time and there were no visible wounds. My indignation was great. I don’t understand where the perpetrator or perpetrators got such a child. This is just sadism.”

Manon has her own theory about it: I think someone had a litter of kittens and then Moxi was the only one left and they wanted to get rid of her that way. And that Moxie saved herself by climbing over the side.”


Now, two weeks later, Moxi is a fun kitten, but one with a traumatic past. “She’s very shy around people, and finally comes to lie with us. Our other cat is also an adopted cat with a past and I recognize Moxi’s behavior. Luckily, Moxi is also very playful, but she’s mentally battered and that’s sad.”

Steenwijk police are investigating the incident and are asking people who have seen anything suspicious to contact them around Wednesday, November 2nd. Manon did not want her last name to be published in the newspaper, as she feared that the offender would harm her animals.

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