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BREDA – Every week movie buff Frank Spruenberg highlights a movie showing in one of Breda’s cinemas or that can be watched online. this week The lost king. Chassé cinema can be seen.

How do we know the English King Richard III (1452-1485) who? Oh yeah, from Shakespeare’s play in which this king cries out as he lies wounded on the battlefield:horse! horse! My kingdom for the horse!

The Lost King, about the search for the remains of King Richard III, is a lighthearted, hilarious drama. In the best English way, the British measure themselves, and in this true story, British science and class society are mocked.

King Richard III
Richard, the last descendant of the noble house of York, went down in history as a power-hungry who murdered the throne. But Richard III’s rival (Henry VII of the Tudors) prevailed on the battlefield—Richard had only been on the throne for two years—which is why some Britons believe this enemy has imposed his murderous image on English history. These amateur British historians seek compensation and thus study the legendary King Richard III, whose remains, according to tradition, were thrown into a creek near Leicester (central England).

Philippa Langley (her real name), played by Sally Hawkins, is one of the hobby daters. She lives in Edinburgh (Scotland), an inconspicuous woman with a modest education and works as an advertising seller. Her marriage to John (Steve Coogan) is a disappointment. She is somewhat unworldly and considers finding Richard III’s tomb among her obsessions. She reads many historical books about this lost king, and joins the Richard III Society, a society that strives to rehabilitate Richard III, and believes its fanaticism has tracked down the king’s remains. According to her, they can be found under a parking garage belonging to the Leicester Municipal Social Services. Because there was a monastery church there in the Middle Ages.

She is communicating with the Department of Archeology at the University of Leicester about her findings. It proposes to remove the asphalt from the parking area where the letter R (van booked up, reserved) on the sidewalk. An archaeologist (Mark Addy) thinks Philippa is an alien and kicks her out. Then I headed to Leicester Council. Having the tomb would be great for promoting the city, but Leicester Council don’t want that either Penny put into the project.

Gentlemen and gentlemen Philippa Langley is not discouraged and begins A Crowdfunding Work to raise money for exploration by breaking open the parking lot. This action turned out to be unexpectedly very successful. While the bank account that could be used to fund the search for Richard III’s tomb is being filled, the university decides to cut the budget for the Department of Archeology. As a result, the university-trained archaeologist has to look for sources of income other than tax money, which brings the archaeologist and Philippa together. Not because he thinks an iota of Phillipa’s theory is credible, but just because of the money.

So the archaeologist missed the excavations in the parking lot of social services. But he doesn’t know how quickly they can get to the excavation site when it turns out that the bones of a mutilated man have been found, many of which suggest they are the remains of Richard III. Which is later confirmed by DNA research, after which the University and the Municipality of Leicester try to take credit for the discovery.

What you need to know about the movie
The noble houses of York and Tudor fought a battle at Bosworth (middle England), in which Richard the Hunchback was killed. A hundred years later, in the play The Tragedy of Richard III, Shakespeare described this king as a power-hungry killing his way to the throne.
Steve Coogan (The Journey) based the screenplay on the book Philippa Langley wrote about her search for the remains of Richard III titled: King’s tomb. Find Richard III.
– In 2014, a museum about the life of the legendary king was opened at the site of Richard III’s tomb in Leicester.
– At the premiere of The Lost King in October this year, the University of Leicester was forced to issue a press release that read: “We worked closely with Philippa Langley throughout the project, and she was not sidelined by the university. At every press conference relating to the King, she was part of the panel answering questions. Prior to Philippa’s intervention, the whereabouts of the King’s remains were widely known, and yet We understand that she was the positive driving force behind the decision to excavate the remains of Richard III.
In response, Philippa Langley stated briefly that this press release was misleading and that the university had in fact been sidelined. It also asserts that the University of Leicester wrongly took credit for the discovery of the remains of King Richard III (“He mistakenly takes credit for leading the search for the king’s remains”.).

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