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KThis summer, Atja Schurmann announced that she is once again happy in love, after the end of her two-year marriage to Frick van Nortwick last November, despite the fact that they are still having together in 2020, a daughter, Coco. In July, Katya shared the first photo of her and her new boyfriend, 29-year-old Nick Schregvershof, when they enjoyed the Wildenburg Festival with good friends. Katya wrote enthusiastically: “With my friends, and yes, with my love!”. In September, another corner of the veil was lifted when she detailed potential future plans with her new beau. Niek lives in Ibiza which is why they have a long distance relationship. This summer he lived briefly at Katya’s house, but she wasn’t there, because she made America insecure with her daughter Sami from her marriage to Thess Roemer. After the holidays, he flew back to Ibiza, which Katya secretly found “extremely delicious,” she says on her podcast.

So she didn’t know very well if she wanted to live with Nick. I’ve been thinking too much. I’ve already tried the traditional form of relationship in a variety of ways. Marry, live together, have a child. Actually I don’t think this is the perfect look for me. I need and need time to myself. However, Katya, who hasn’t hidden her loose morals when it comes to having sex with third parties, believes that monogamy is best for her after all. “As far as I’m concerned, a relationship with one person, but not on each other’s lips all the time.”

Tomorrow I will meet him again in Barcelona.


In October, the lovebirds are together again in Holland, when they go to Hort with Katja and Frick’s daughter and take a walk in the woods on the peninsula of North Holland Hemmeland near Katja. The fact that Katya, at 47, is at least eighteen years older than her new love is quite something, and therefore it is not surprising that she is sometimes completely insecure about her new relationship. She also brings this up in Weekend when we chat with her at the Casa Coco premiere, where she plays a role. Anyway, she’s glad she has someone again and that she didn’t fall into a black hole after the divorce. “Fortunately I met someone again,” she says. “I will meet him again tomorrow in Barcelona.” He probably had to go there because of his work, because Nick works for the Environmental Department in Spain. Katya really does not dare to look into the future. I find it very exciting, because yeah, you don’t know everything, but I’m very happy about it. His family is here now, too, which is a nice thing.

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The actress, who created buzz in Good Times, Bad Times, made Better Late Than Never two years ago, and starred in Costa! New this year, and she sometimes worries about the future in terms of getting old with someone. It may never end. My parents are here they are 75 and 73, they have lived together for over 50 years and are still very much in love with each other. Unfortunately, sometimes there is a strange notion of love and sex among older people. I don’t need to know details about my parents, but I’m glad things are going well between them. And that too, when you get a little older and maybe lose someone who dies, there’s always the possibility of meeting someone. It is really important that you feel this way. I find this very touching.


La Schuurman also likes that Joke Bruijs and Gerard Cox play the main roles in the film. I think that’s cool, because how many romantic comedies are there with people that age? Not much. And I love it, because we all get old. Registration took place in Bonaire in February 2021. My daughter Sami was also there, who came with a friend, because the Netherlands was closed. Fortunately, this closure now looks like 600 years ago. While we were at it, I thought, Is this ever going to end? And now it already feels like another life. Yes, the little one was with us too. Coco was six months old, now she is two years old. All of the cast were together at the resort. That can be fun. “If you’re lucky, but if you’ve got a dumb cast, you’re in there… Filming is off for about six weeks and after that I think it’s really good that you two are together like that, you really are together.”

Katya with her daughter Sami.

She already knew some of the actors. ’ Frederik Spigett was a friend of mine for a long time, I knew Loes Luca a bit and got to know Richard Groenendijk there. I’d like to call him a friend, even though we haven’t seen much since then. I liked very much.’ Now that things are going well both in love and in work, everything in Katya’s life seems to be well-ordered, but she doesn’t want to go that far: “To say that everything is fine is a bit of a lot. But a lot is good.”

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