Marthijs Roorda writes a shocking book about Uncle Aonne de Wrede


NieuweHORNE At the height of harness racing, Aonne de Wrede dominated the Dutch harness racing circuits. The coach accumulated victories, but the media also often spoke of his questionable sports mentality. His cousin Marthes Rorda wrote a shocking book about his uncle.

“Gakkers, Guldens & Gangsters” paints a picture of a professional strayed from the right track in a world where the course of events is often determined not on the right track, but off it. Oni manipulated prices for financial gain. As a young child, Marthijs Roorda (36) of Nieuwehorne received a clear message from his family about Uncle Aonne. “Bliuw út de buert, the man is a criminal and a fraud.”

He had never come into contact with Aonne until his uncle moved to Heerenveen five years earlier after more than two decades of touring the world. Then it itchy. “The man fascinates me,” says Rorda. “will o fan side it’s ferhaal wolris hare.” He visited his uncle and continued to see him regularly. The connection led to a collaboration; The former trainer was looking for a horse to train at the Boppeslach Stables in Lippenhuizen, a stable that only raced for charity.

In 2021 it was for Dol Fijn, a foundation that organizes sports activities for children and adults with disabilities, of which Marthijs and his brother Hendrik are the main sponsors. “I faak by treningen sjen and get every dei Aonne wol fan in ferhaal oer froeger to hear it. Dêrtroch, I always spend a lot of time on trots.”

A lot of information

It was the wildest stories. Marthijs actually envisions a book being created in his mind. After a bit of radar at first, he started gathering more and more information. So he was sure: “I have to hegir in a book or scriwi.” Rhoda has worked for more than a year on the 372-page book, which will be published on Saturday. He read about six thousand newspaper articles, found plenty of information in the Koninklijke Bibliotheek in The Hague, gained insight into criminal files, browsed the archives of the NDR (Stichting Nederlandse Draf- en Rensport) and spoke with stash owners, ex-sports officials, coaches, drivers, journalists and ex-officials.

And of course with en. The mush of information provided a major challenge for the new writer. How do you distill all these stories – one more interesting than the other – into one that makes sense and is easy to read? Fortunately, he received help, including from an experienced journalist, Helga van Kooten. Rhoda is satisfied with the end result. “It’s a slag, welcome to the kommintaar waiting.”

Ups and downs

Aonne de Wrede is the rationale in the book. According to Rorda, his uncle was involved as a coach in the rise of harness racing in the 1970s, but also in its decline in the 1990s. He tried to paint as objective a picture as possible of a talented but also corrupt coach and corrupt branch of the sport. It’s not a pretty picture. There was no question of fair play in those years. It is not the fastest horse that wins, but the one with the highest bid.

owners, trainers, and pickers; According to the writer, many were part of a sick sports culture centered around gross profits. Sometimes the baikur was approached upon entering the cantering course to make a predetermined course scenario come true. Aonne de Wrede was one of the main characters.

His dishonest behavior did not go unnoticed. It earned him a five-year suspension and a major court ruling. Many saw him as an outcast and an outcast and he decided to leave the Netherlands at the end of the 1990s. His name will always be associated with the best shows, he won hundreds of races and huge sums of money, but also cheated.

double photo

What was Rorda’s image of his uncle after writing “Jokers, Goldens and Gangsters”? “He has two sides. Hy wie in fakman dy’t hynders oan ‘e talk krige, wêr’t oaren neat mei koen. On top of the boss has wurkjen fan in his own way. Cinder Central has put it, as if monsters will force their will. It was it Also, according to the net statistics, Aonne will win the hat of millions of gûnens.”

On the other hand, the horse trainer was an unscrupulous man who lacked sporting integrity. A nonconformist who follows his own path, even if it leads him astray. Rorda: “That’s quite right. His book is ek gjin lofsang, I like foar syn fakmanskip, but you gotta keep your wool on the ridge.” Rhoda also describes On’s bad relationship with his half-brother Arend, who is also a coach.

It relates to what he sees as the failed policy of the NDR and the demise of the harness race due to the meddling of criminals and wealthy, money-hungry businessmen. He calls Rorda the “Partners” by name, but doesn’t fear the consequences. “The facts are correct.” Writing went well. “I have neither nor a trio of wool, fjouwer ûsubjects foar in Boek. This is where I want to sleep.”

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