Hanne Verbruggen, Julien’s mother

K3’s Hanne Verbruggen gave birth on Monday, November 14, and can therefore call herself the mother of her first child, Julien. Mother and child are doing well. Two weeks ago it was announced that Hanne Verbruggen had to rest on prescription and was therefore no longer allowed to play K3 shows. From 31 October, she was replaced by Diede van den Heuvel. Read all about Mama Hanne Verbruggen and her K3 replacement Diede van den Heuvel in this article.

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Hanne from K3 is my mom

Hanne van K3 gave birth to their first child, son Julian, on Monday 14 November.Seven years ago, my biggest dream came true when I became a K3. But Julian’s arrival undoubtedly surpassed this. It is an indescribably exhilarating feeling to become a mother, says Hanne Verbruggen. Mother and son are doing well.

Marth and Julia aunt K3 baby

Marth and Julia are also happy about the arrival of baby K3; They are a bit like auntie. “I am so happy for them that they can finally enjoy their son together,” says Marthe, “and I am so happy to visit them when they are ready, so that I can also hold him in my arms. After all, he is also a very special child to us.” Adds Julia: “I’m so looking forward to seeing the baby because I really feel like an aunt now. We’ve patiently given them some time to take it easy, but now we really want to go visit baby!”

Diede van den Heuvel replaced Hanne

When news broke that Hanne van K3 was pregnant, we already wondered how they would do with Dutch theatrical productions. It was very close to the due date. Because you never know how pregnancy will turn out, Studio 100 has already been busy with the temporary replacement for Hanne Verbruggen on the ongoing tour of K3 in the Netherlands. On 31 October, they announced that Diede van den Heuvel would replace Hanne Verbruggen. The pregnant K3 singer had to rest on the advice of her doctor.

Diede van den Heuvel (temporarily) at K3

Nobody but Diede van den Heuvel takes on this role. An obvious choice because Diede also participated in the K2 pursuit K3 and reached the final. During the broadcasts in Belgium and the Netherlands, the audience really embraced it. Diede has been busy rehearsing for the “Come on” stage show in recent weeks, which will therefore continue.

He died in the K3 stage show

Diede van den Heuvel indicated that he was fully prepared for this. Says. “A dream come true. After the TV show, I focused on my career and never thought I would have this opportunity. When they called from Studio 100 and asked if I wanted to replace Hanne on a temporary basis, I said yes right away.”

Julia and Marthe coming to Didi at K3

Marthe and Julia are happy to be on stage with Deed van den Hövel. Julia says: “Didi and I know each other so well because we got to the final. There was really no fighting at the time. We gave each other everything. She was so happy for me when I won and vice versa. I think it’s great that she’s still here for a while.” of time.” Mareth adds: “In recent weeks, Dade has been participating in all the training to be ready when Hanne is down. Once again we saw why it made it to the final four in K2 seeking K3. It is, albeit temporary, a great advantage.

K3, one year later

Did you know that from Saturday 26th November at 7.55pm you can watch the K3 on VTM, one year later. Keep following us (on social media below) so you don’t miss a thing.

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