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By the editorial staff on 11-21-2022

BERLIN – Running enthusiasts at Berkelland have been able to choose from an impressive selection of running competitions close to home for many years. Three of them are now uniting and offering runners the opportunity to take part in the OVM Berkelland competition. The organizers of the DEO in Borculo, the Haarlo op in Haarlo and the Gaanzen Run in Gelselaar have decided to offer participants the opportunity to register directly as a participant in these three OVM Onderlinge Verzekeringen sponsored runs. With such an enthusiastic sponsor, with locations in Borculo and Neede, among others, the three running competitions are well organized. The first competition is the DEO episode and will take place on December 17th. Then Haarlo op is shown on January 7, 2023, after which the competition ends with Gaanzenloop in Gelselaar on March 25, 2023.

After the last regional race in Gelselaar, there will be a final standings, calculated on the basis of the times run in the three runs. Participants receive a small discount when registering for all three competitions. Registration is already open. You can register via the websites of the three football associations DEO, Sports Club Haarlo and EGVV where you will start and finish.

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Martin Koopman

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Boenders Eibergen

Jokes by Marcel Struitt

Worry what a mess
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Stretch takes a big hit in injury time in a win over Sportclub Neede

Rax – A real touchdowner this afternoon at Sportclub ‘t Asterlo. Gym Ned came to visit Rickin. Both teams were evenly matched. As befits a touchdown duel, it was a game that had it all. Ned took the lead twice, but Ricken took the lead. When the winning goal fell in the 95th minute, Ned was on the field with only ten men. Goalkeeper Pim Wigdam was sent off with a red card. Gerrit Mengerink then spoke to both coaches about the emotionally charged duel.

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