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The Red Devils captain, Eden Hazard, will not wear the ‘OneLove’ captain’s armband during the World Cup. Just like France, England and the Netherlands, among others, the Belgians are under pressure from FIFA. Captains wearing the band risked getting a yellow card for spreading a political message. In addition, the Red Devils’ white jersey must also be modified. FIFA chief executive Peter Bossart tells us that Belgium will reconsider its relationship with FIFA.


Should the Red Devils start with OneLove?

a look. Gilles de Belde describes decision to play without OneLove as “painful” and a “missed opportunity”

The colorful captain’s armband was an idea of ​​the Dutch Football Association (KNVB) and symbolizes inclusivity and diversity. In Qatar, where there is a lot to do with human rights, band wearers wanted to make a statement. Several countries, including Belgium, have joined the plan.

Eden Hazard wore his OneLove squad against Egypt and was planning to play with that squad at the World Cup in Qatar. But it will be the “normal” captain’s armband, according to a statement distributed on behalf of England, Wales, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

Eden Hazard with the ‘OneLove’ captain’s armband. © BELGA

Apparently, “we are frustrated with FIFA’s decision, but we cannot put our players in positions where they can receive sporting sanctions. That is why we have asked them not to play with the ‘OneLove’ captain’s armband at the World Cup. We were willing to pay fines, but we don’t want to jeopardize Our players risk being given a card or even having to leave the field. We had already informed FIFA in September that we wanted to play for the bracelet, but there was no response.”

Peter Bossart, chief executive of The Football Association, was not amused. “We have been in solidarity with the participating nations all along by wearing the band. You cannot break that solidarity now. England were the first country to play after the penalty was announced. It is sporting unfair to ask them to resist this pressure from FIFA.”

Bossaert finds it completely incomprehensible that the Red Devils have to adjust their shirt. FIFA says the word “Love” that was embroidered on the collar should be removed. “There was simply no possible consultation,” says Peter Bossart.

Other guilds are also folded

French captain Hugo Lloris was the first to point out that he wouldn’t be playing with the band OneLove after all. Holland and England, who already had to work today, followed this example this morning and now the other countries are with them.

In Germany, captain Manuel Neuer indicated he wanted to hold on, but the German Football Association asked the goalkeeper to choose a different squad. “Our players and coaches are deeply disappointed,” the statement said. “They support inclusion and will now try to support the cause in other ways.”

On Saturday, FIFA launched its own anti-discrimination squad. It was originally wearable from the quarter-finals, but is now available from the first group match.

Manuel Neuer with band
Manuel Neuer with the band OneLove. © AFP

De Beldi: “A lot of pressure from FIFA, especially from Qatar”

“I find it very painful and a missed opportunity that Belgium is now also planning not to wear the ‘OneLove’ squad,” Gilles de Belde, our man in Qatar, says in the video above. “The Red Devils made the decision in consultation with Germany, the Netherlands and England, among other countries. Apparently a few months ago the question was put to FIFA about wearing that kit at the World Cup and there was absolutely no response. Now there has been a lot of pressure from FIFA and especially “From Qatar to play without the squad. There have been threats of various sanctions from the football associations. These ranged from a yellow card for the captain to an obligation to leave the field. That is why the countries issued a joint statement.”

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