‘We avoid some places because they’re so bad’: Feminist movement draws attention to sexual violence with blow-up doll | Roeselare

RoeselareThe Roeselare residents who attended the party in the factory building on Saturday evening were welcomed in a special way at the entrance. The feminist movement Rebelle campaigned against sexual violence with an inflatable doll. Everyone at the party can stick a hand sticker on the doll where it has been touched unwantedly. “Some women immediately took several stickers from the pile,” says Rebel.

“Squeeze in your buttocks. A crotch that ‘accidentally’ rubs against your groin. Your breasts are touched fleetingly. Or someone who follows you around and refuses to leave you alone until you give your number? That’s not part of the exit. We’re not booby-dolls. We’re not booby-dolls. No. Sexual violence is still everywhere today. No matter how fleeting the touches, if someone touches you against your will, it will never be innocent. It gives women a signal that their bodies are not their own, and they are not allowed to set limits themselves. In this context, we often see ” Victim blaming”, where it is wrongly assumed that the victim has provoked sexual violence. In Belgium, 81 percent of women and 48 percent of men experience some form of sexual violence in their lives. Every day there are ten reports of rape. This is just the tip of the iceberg We call for care for victims, the fight against impunity, better counseling for offenders and broader and better awareness.”

A flyer was also distributed © Carolyn Koenen

be clear

Sarah Demeyer (36) and Cynthia DeSerano (28) placed a sticker on the bottom of the doll on Saturday. They both have experience with unwanted touches in the nightlife. “Sometimes you don’t even know where it came from or the offender is already gone when you turn around. But it’s about more than just touch. We also had to deal with impulsive guys who didn’t want to leave you alone on the dance floor,” says Sarah. “We don’t fall on our mouths, so we always try to be clear in situations like this, but still. We even avoid some places because we don’t feel comfortable there,” Cynthia continues. “It must be hard often, especially for younger girls. Your evening can be totally ruined by her. You might think things have improved a bit since MeToo, but they actually haven’t. There’s still work to be done.”

Farah also has experience with unwanted sexual violence
Farah also has experience with unwanted sexual violence © Sam Vanacker

Also in the workplace

“I tried it on the field,” says Farah Martelei, 36. She also put a sticker on the bottom of the doll. “I work for an industrial cleaning company, where we clean at other companies. I often get inappropriate comments from the guys at those companies, even though one of them once cornered me in the toilets. Putting a big mouth out helped me out of the situation, but I can I assure you I didn’t feel right at the time. I reported it to my boss and he went to talk to that company the next day. I never came back.”


Some have the courage to take immediate action and seek out the organization, but many times they come home early

DJ Wout

DJ Wout, who was behind the turntable in the Factory Building on Saturday, also supports Rebelle’s work. “As a professional DJ, I unfortunately see it happen regularly. Girls have encountered inappropriate touching on and around the dance floor. Some have the guts to take immediate action and look for organization, but all too often they come home early because their evening has been ruined. It must be Going out is fun, while respecting each other’s boundaries.”

The feminist concludes, “Seek help from others when you see someone being harassed.” “If you feel you cannot safely intervene, monitor the situation and provide support to the victim afterward. In the event of a threat or physical violence, immediately call the emergency number 112.”

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