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What happened in Alvin aan den Rijn last week? of the wayward peacock’s a Stichting Anders’s small library was destroyed a Information from local police officers. You can read this and more in our weekly overview on

Last week it was a Help Anders mini-library destroyed by youth. They did it with fireworks. “You should stay away from such initiatives, but young people seem to think differently,” the foundation said.

organization this year too Diaconal Platform Alphen is the well-known Christmas package campaign. This business exists to provide every Alvinar, who someone thinks deserves a helping hand, with a Christmas gift or birthday present.

This past weekend, the Chittering district garden was all about planting hedges. Help the neighborhood kids farm. “Working together in a green environment leads to fun conversations and knowledge sharing. Organization begins.

The end of the year is approaching. It is customary during the end of the year to launch fireworks. Also this year there is a ban on fireworks at some locations in Alfen aan den Rijn.

Kirk N Zanine has been in turmoil this week because of a wayward peacock. The animal is now safely awaiting its owner at the shelter and has now been given a name: Pauwlo. To find the owner, Animal Ambulance reported: “Are you or do you know the owner of Pauwlo? Please call us at 0172-616251Animal Ambulance said.

Alvinar John Heitinga, Young Ajax coach, His contract was extended by two years. Ajax announced this last week.

The municipality of Alphen aan den Rijn wants to accelerate the energy transition, climate adaptation and the circular economy in the business community and in business parks. but how? Students from the Inholland University of Applied Sciences will start thinking about these sustainability challenges starting this week.

Messages from executors

Last Saturday, a woman (91) was scammed by a so-called package delivery person. It happened after a boy pretended to be a package conductor and rang the 91-year-old woman’s door.

Last Friday, the police received a report on the Hofzichtstraat in Alphen aan den Rijn. Here two concrete blocks fell from a crane onto a car. There were no injuries.

Last weekend, the police base team in Alvin aan den Rijn during Watch has made several standings again. This is due to a prohibited scooter and an incorrect license plate.

last monday, Information for local police officers about topics that they and the residents of Alvin deal with on a daily basis. This is how bullying and chat scams are discussed. They did this for children and the elderly.

he is too there Announced this week that there The nitrous oxide ban will be enforced from January 1st. As of January 1, nitrous oxide has been included in the list of prohibited substances. This makes the possession and sale of laughing gas illegal. He said, “I can only be positive about it.” Police chief newmager.

Tuesday afternoon shots Staff The fire brigade and animal ambulance work to save a vulnerable swan from the Zegerplas. The swan had been swimming in a languid place for four days. An animal ambulance employee was taken to the swan in a fireboat manned by firefighters, and then removed from the water.

Traffic and transportation

Churchillaan will be closed from 14 November. This is because of the asphalt works. It has already been pointed out that no traffic will cross Molina-Aarsbrug. The municipality has now announced that pedestrians and cyclists can cross the bridge via the sidewalk.

From Tuesday 15 November, cars can once again drive across the Hooftstraat, under the bridge. The Juliana Bridge was closed for at least four months, but from 20 October the bridge was reopened to all motorized traffic. However, the drivers were unable to cross the Juliana Bridge Tunnel. It will be possible again from November 15th.

Staalweg and Kalkovenweg intersections will be modified to improve road safety. This means that the municipality will remove the narrow road on Kalkovenweg. Instead, speed bumps will be installed before and after the intersection with Staalweg.

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