A fierce debate about the wolf in Genk, from great to deadly

Eva Genk started her talk show last night “The Wolf Divides Holland”. “One is a symbol of wild nature, and the other is a deadly predator that has nothing to do with it here.” Coyote has always been fodder for heated to heated debates, again Genk.

It turns out that opinions differ quite a bit.

“The wolf killed hundreds of sheep.”

The talk show host noted that animal lovers are happy. Physicist and “Guardian of the TV Jungle” Arjan Postma opposed subway For example, in a positive way about the beast during an interview about a nature movie wolf: “The wolf directs the landscape and this has many positive effects on the forest.” But, Eva Jenik also says: “Hundreds of sheep have been mauled to death, and a cyclist was chased away by a coyote recently. Are we still safe?” Minister for Nature and Nitrogen Christian van der Waal calls for a national debate about wolves. So far you see “social unrest in a polarized debate”. Cenk started the (fierce) discussion at her table last night.

After about a century and a half, the first wolf returned to Holland seven years ago, in Drenthe to be exact. The wolf still doesn’t cause many crowds. There are now about twenty of them. They mainly live in Veluwe, but have now also been spotted in Brabant, Overijssel and again Drenthe. shoot? This is not allowed in our country because the wolf is a protected animal. New problem: tame wolves, who dare to approach people (rumor: some Dutch people feed them). There are calls to shoot these animals with paintball guns. But there is also a lot of resistance to this.

“The animal the Netherlands assesses as livable”

Some opinions from guests Genk In a row, because the result everyone is satisfied with… No, we’re not there yet (Eva Genk: “It looks like wolf soap”).

Nico Kaufmann, President of De Faunabescherming: “I am very happy that the wolf is here, because it enriches our biodiversity. It indicates that the wolf has appreciated that the Dutch nature is suitable for him to live here. The animal was reintroduced in Yellowstone (America, ed.). There they saw that Other plants suddenly started to grow. And that deer went to look for food elsewhere. The whole biodiversity is given by the presence of the wolf. It’s not dangerous, I encounter it regularly in the forest. Already five times and then the wolf turns around and goes.”

Dirk Bruins, Chairman of the Board of Directors of LTO Noord, finds the presence of a wolf to be horrific. “I’m mainly a farmer and I want to protect my animals as much as possible. When I see what’s happening in our area, it’s really a lot. There are six hundred sheep, cows and even horses that have been attacked. If you see pictures of that… I wouldn’t advise anyone to go and see that. Courage I came out with hearts torn out, really terrifying. The wolf allows animals to live, and eats them alive. It’s warp and flesh for us. The vet has to kill several times every day because the wolf has struck again. I’m for animal protection. But should we protect one animal or Should we take care of other animals too? There should be a discussion about that.”

Wolf took the lambs from the farmer Jacqueline

Jacqueline Copelar, sheep farmer from Drenthe: “I’m with you Genk With one goal that we can wake up the Netherlands because there is unimaginable animal suffering. We had sheep walking near the house, and there were five three-week-old lambs. I don’t even dare go to the sheep in the morning. There were a lot of attacks near us, we live in the hot spot. My husband now goes to check in the morning. On Monday he came home with the message that three lambs had disappeared and the sheep were in a panic.” With tears in his eyes: “On Wednesday there was still a lamb. The fifth was dragged through the ditch to another piece of land. The lamb’s mother was frozen in the meadow. Maybe she tried to protect her child from that wolf. She had bite marks on her neck. Another lamb was completely cut down. I’m sorry I suck, but then you see what he does to someone.”

Disaster safari

Nico Kaufman also thinks these kinds of stories are horrible. But: “We have to realize that we kill 600,000 sheep every year in the Netherlands. A wolf is six hundred sheep.” Dirk Bruins: “I know Mr. Kaufmann’s point of view as well as that of the Animal Party. But that’s not the point now. I was expecting a good discussion about this from the Animal Party in particular. Like: So much animal suffering is not possible.” Kaufman: “You can even organize disaster safaris to places where wolves attack sheep.” Bruins: No catastrophic tourism. We want to show true misery.”

discussion in Genk (See here in full) Hold on for a while. This will remain the case across the country for the foreseeable future. By the way, on Twitter.

Tears among young viewers of Cinterclassjournal, but also merriment among older viewers

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Fierce debate about the wolf in Genk, from ‘great for nature’ to ‘killer’

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