The weirdest and ugliest carousels in Spain

A circular cross is a special type of row-level interchange designed to reduce the number of opposing moves. But that doesn’t always work, especially if you decide to put strange objects in the middle of such a spinner. Generally, municipalities choose to use the roundabout center as a park, but sometimes they go a little too far with artistic creations.

We’ve made a collection of perhaps the weirdest and ugliest carousels in Spain. No doubt there will be more, but we can’t list them all here. In the roundabouts below, it was decided to place art or something that should resemble it, which in some cases also cost thousands of euros. Judge for yourself whether the carousels below are the strangest and ugliest in Spain.

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swimming pool (lyon)

We’ll start with the cutest spinner on the entire list… which has a swimming pool in the middle. Swimming is allowed (you can tell by the steps) but be careful with traffic if you want to walk to the bathroom. Not only is a swimming pool in the middle of a roundabout ridiculous, an electric pole next to the pool is annoying as well.

La Foz de Galicia

LED display (Vigo)

Well, this roundabout was modified by the municipality of Vigo after many complaints, but it was very original and also very expensive. At a roundabout in Vigo in Galicia, it was decided to install a round LED screen on which videos, photos and advertisements could be viewed. Logically speaking, many motorists were distracted and if there was something nice to see, it took them a long time before they entered the roundabout. There were also motorists who kept driving many circuits when there was something interesting to see. Costs: 750,000 euros!

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Cemetery (Madrid)

There is a cemetery in the village of Villanueva de la Cañada, but they also wanted to build a road there, so how can we solve that… Well, the cemetery is in the middle of the roundabout and after that the cars have to drive around the cemetery. Logical anyway. The bad news is that there is no place left in this cemetery.

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half car (murcia)

Near the university in Murcia, this roundabout can be found where a car is parked, but then it gets cut off. Nobody understands the meaning of this. do you understand this?


Turkey and pheasant (Gian)

Art is a broad concept and no doubt a turkey (pavo) and pheasant (faisán) maker on a roundabout in Jaén believes making these animals with road signs, cement, concrete, pipes, etc. is art. what do you think?


Little Bear (Madrid)

Haribo makes kids happy. But to place a very large green Haribo bear on a carousel surrounded by tree trunks painted in different colors might be a bit far fetched. After seeing the 7-meter ‘gummimibär’, you’ll be hungry for Haribo’s golden bear.


Hola, hello, hello (Valladolid)

If you arrive by car at this roundabout in Valladolid, you should not look for the Spanish “Hola” because you can be sure that you will not see other traffic anymore. At this roundabout, the word “Hola” is written on round signs in 300 languages.


Balance House (Valladolid)

This spinner may have been invented by the same maker of “Hola” signs. In this case it comes to stained glass blocks with a house balancing on top of one edge. The reason is unknown.

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Planet Jamon (Murcia)

Of course you love nice Spanish hams and the creator of this artwork would think all motorists would like to see a globe made of rusty metal sheets in the shape of Spanish hams. Implementation will take place before the completion of listing your request!

Diario de Mallorca

Dope horse (Mallorca)

On the Balearic island of Mallorca, we find a roundabout in Alcúdia with a drugged horse standing on its hind legs in the middle. The horse was made by an anonymous Italian artist.


The Snowman (Tenerife)

Of course, it sometimes snows on Tenerife’s highest point, but making a big snowman out of concrete with a green bowl acting as a hat is probably a bit far fetched. What does the Snowman have to do with Tenerife and why does he wear a green pan?



It might make sense to have a dinosaur on a roundabout in the province of Teruel where many dinosaur remains have been found, but in Burgos? At a roundabout in Castilla y León, a huge dinosaur watches the roundabout and eats anyone who misuses it.

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Michelin Man (Cádiz)

In Jerez de la Frontera we find a big Michelin man in the middle of a roundabout. Not because there are so many Michelin restaurants there, but because it is art (or advertising in disguise).


Lady Michelin (Murcia)

In a time of feminism and equality between men and women, there must be a Michelin woman as well as a Michelin man in Jerez de la Frontera. This can be found on a roundabout in Murcia. It is a combination of a Michelin-star figure with Queen Mariana of Austria drawn by Velazquez.

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metal wall (Cantabria)

The municipality of Torrelavega in Cantabria has the ingenious idea of ​​placing large reflective metal panels on a circular driveway so that the motorist cannot see what is coming on the other side and is blinded by the sun’s reflection. How many accidents would there have been?

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Useless Iron (Valencia)

In Valencia, a large work of art has been placed on a roundabout where most people have no idea what it actually is. For those who can’t see it… it’s a dragonfly!

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Antarctica (Guadalajara)

It can be cold, but also very warm in Guadalajara in Castilla-La Mancha, but now to compare the area to Antarctica and recreate this in a roundabout way…


Vagina (Valencia)

In addition to the shapeless dragonfly, Valencia also has a giant vagina on a spinner. Of course, this is not intended, but the fountain, which should be in the shape of an artichoke, is more like a female’s genitalia than a plant.


Giraffe slice (Lerida)

In the Catalan village of Balaguer, there is a slide in the shape of a giraffe on the side of an exposed roundabout. It is not known if children are supposed to be playing in the middle of this roundabout because the mayor does not care about children’s deaths or if it was a mistake.

Street View from Google

lack of ideas (Lerida)

The giraffe slide was original (but dangerous) in its own right, but the broken yellow cylinder concrete sewer pipes in the middle of a mini roundabout aren’t exactly genius.

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MIS (Valencia)

In Valencia you can see a lot of rubbish on the roundabout. That is to say, waste of iron and metal which has accumulated in a certain shape and which the road builders seem to have left there. Or is this also art?


Colored horses (Cádiz)

In Jerez de la Frontera we already found a roundabout with a Michelin man, but in the south of Spain they also have a roundabout with horses painted in different amazing colors. He called the roundabout “Glorieta de los Caballos”.

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