3 years in prison for Alkmaar handball coach (73): My daughter made works of art about abuse

The 73-year-old OBF handball coach from Alkmaar was sentenced to three years in prison for The goalkeeper mistreatment of his pupils. During private training, he assaulted six underage girls under the guise of his “method”. One of the victims drew graffiti about the abuse.

Artwork of one of the victims – private photo

Become a coach widely acclaimed At the A & O Handball Club. Until February last year, he gave private training to the club’s players at the Vondelstraat in Alkmaar. He did it sometimes several times a week in the club’s gym, but also in a private room and even in his own home.

After police raided a training session after receiving a tip-off last year and launched an investigation, six girls reported abuse since 2015. During those training sessions, the man separately took his victims, aged between 12 and 15, to a seat near the stands – outside . In full view of others and parents – and did exercises there.

OB F describes the exercises as stretching exercises that belong to a method of training that he himself developed. With the ball and hands, he squeezed their bodies, and then the girls had to tense their muscles.

First on their clothes, while he pressed on their breasts, stomachs, legs, groin, and intimate parts, but later the touches also occurred under their clothes, on bare skin.

In the case of two victims, the suspect pierced her private parts with his finger during rehearsals, and attempted to do so in the case of a third victim. Camardron states that these exercises are necessary to increase the girls’ pain threshold for catching the ball on these parts of the body. “This is the only way to get to the top.”

He also took some of the victims alone to the gym’s locker room – the door locked – where they had to undress to check their condition.

The art of sexual assault

Pictures were found on his phone of sexual acts he had performed on one of the victims. The case almost two weeks ago was fraught: Parents sat in the room, face to face with the man who killed them. They thought they could trust with their daughters.

One mother tearfully said her daughter was trying to deal with the abuse by making art about her. NH News sent pictures of it.

“Not a word, but pictures with our daughter’s name. They speak for themselves. Woman touching her handssaid the mother during the session.

The second drawing of one of the victims – a private picture

A number of victims also spoke. “You were an idol to my parents. They saw that you were the person who could help me move forward.” Another told the judge, “I believed in him and imitated him. But now brushing teeth and eating food is a difficult task. I dare not grow old. You made me stay young. Instead of doing pleasant things with friends, now that I am nineteen I must I get over my trauma.”

The coach also built a rapport with the parents and even came to the girls’ birthdays. One mother said, “It’s almost impossible to describe in words what you did to us. We trusted you. I invited you into our home.”

“The suspect, who was many times older than him, did not take this into account and was only eyeing it for his own lust.”

Judgment court

The man largely confessed, but according to him, the abuse was more limited in duration and severity than what the victims stated and he had no sexual intentions. The court does not consider the suspect’s statement credible.

She believes that the “successful coach” abused his position of power and position in the eyes of the victims. They felt dependent on him for a successful handball career.

Compensation of 75 thousand euros

“With the abuse, he seriously violated the physical integrity of the young victims, who were just beginning their puberty and whose body was still developing. The suspect, who was many times older, made no account of it and only had an eye on his own lust.” According to the verdict.

Taking into account his older age, El Kamdar was sentenced to 48 months in prison, of which 12 months were suspended with a three-year probationary period. This means that he has to spend three years in prison and then three years under the supervision of the probation service, and he is not allowed to work as a handball coach or in other positions where he is in contact with minors.

He also received a restraining order and has to pay victims compensation ranging from 2,500 to more than 30,000 euros. In total, this concerns an amount of approximately 75,000 euros.

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