Was this the bear market?


Plus: Rising Raw Materials, ABM AMRO Interest Rate Vision, Fossil Sustainability, AI Use Problem, and more.

to zero!
Alexis Bienvenu is uncertain about expected economic growth, inflation and interest rates. What the fund manager of La Financière de l’Echiquier (LFDE) knows for sure is that the future is low carbon and this offers enormous investment opportunities. Powerful analysis.

“the worst is over”
According to chief investors Björn Jesch and Christoph Schmidt of DWS, the future is so foggy that it is wise to remain cautious. They also see corporate bonds as a serious alternative to stocks.

Roaring new twenties for commodities to come
Economic recession reduces the demand for raw materials. The energy transition happens the same thing with oil and gas. However, Liber Alpha expects a booming decade for commodity producers.

Clear view of ABN AMRO interest rate

Was this the bear market?
Jan-Willem Nijkamp: “Actually, this rally is nothing more than a bear market rally. But in the end every bear market ends with a bearish rally.” Read the column.

The relationship between inflation and valuation

Oil and gas versus renewable energy
Companies from the traditional energy sector are currently being excluded from the portfolio by many sustainable investors. This has caused them to miss out on a lot of revenue lately. However, investors who have been investing for a long time in companies benefiting from the energy transition in particular could care less, according to Morningstar.

Investor statement
What makes an investor a good investor?

A sustainable foot please

The problem of deploying artificial intelligence (AI)
“Artificial intelligence is not magic. Investment managers can’t simply hire data scientists and machine learning engineers, buy data, and hope magic happens.” Very comprehensive story. A must read for professional investors who are considering investing a lot of money in artificial intelligence to improve their returns.

The relationship between home prices and mortgage rates
Guess where Dutch housing prices are heading towards.

The five largest private banks
Each year, IEX awards the Golden Bull to those financial service providers who offer their clients the best value for their money. For private banks, investors themselves decide which service providers to nominate. These are the five chosen ones.

Active vs. passive
Returns of the IEX Fonds 40 (Actively Managed Funds) and the IEX 20+ Index (ETFs).

Sustainable Investing in Times of Turbulent Stock Markets
The energy crisis, rising inflation and fears of a severe recession have weighed on sustainable investors more strongly this year than investors less interested in getting perfect ESG scores. However, this is no reason to doubt the sustainable investing thesis. exactly the contrary. According to the latest ESG e-Journal by IEX Profs.

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