Financial warning signs to watch out for when you start dating someone

We love green flags, We love them. After all, it’s a sign that the person you’re dating is a good person. So we pay close attention when we start dating someone, but it’s important to spot any red flags. So today we are sharing some financial warning signs.

Talk about money

Sometimes the warning signs of dating are obvious (Trust issues, they talk very negatively about exes), but sometimes they’re less obvious too. Especially when it comes to finance. People often act a little conservative, but it’s incredibly important to have insight into each other’s financial mindset if your relationship gets serious.

Money is one of the most common reasons couples argue about and one of the most difficult topics to discuss. Rachel Needle in Huffpost. “The topic of money often highlights other issues, so it’s not always about the money itself.”

Numerous studies have shown that financial problems – in addition to infidelity and incompatibility – are one of the leading causes of divorce in the United States. Now we don’t live in the US, but money can also cause problems in the Netherlands. “So it’s important to watch out for financial warning signs at the beginning of a relationship. It can prevent a lot of pain and grief in the future,” says Needle, though she also wants to add some nuance to that. “Not every red flag is a reason to end a relationship.” Or dating, but there are things you should talk about that can help you make a decision.”

1. Someone who doesn’t want to talk openly about their finances

“The biggest warning sign that comes to mind is that someone doesn’t want to talk openly about their finances, especially when you ask about it or when you feel like someone is hiding something,” says the financial planner. Nicole Carson.

Now you don’t have to ask about someone’s financial health right away on the first date, but it is important to know if someone has a student loan or perhaps other debt. These topics often come up as you get to know each other better. “It’s very appropriate to ask about someone’s financial situation and goals,” says the relationship therapist. Liz Higgins. Although this must be done in a timely manner. “By this I mean you don’t have to ask this detail on the first date, but if you’ve been dating for a few months it’s appropriate to ask about someone’s financial health. If someone reacts bluntly to this or doesn’t want to talk about it, I’d see that as a sign.” red.”

2. Someone is using money to manipulate you

It’s great when your partner insists on paying for dinner, but if they start using it against you, that’s a really bad sign. “It’s a real red flag if someone uses money to manipulate you,” says the dating coach. Damona Hoffman.

It can also be a bad sign if someone asks if they can borrow money from you, or if they want an expensive gift. “Is your date asking for an expensive gift or an expensive vacation? Then there’s a chance the person will think you’re rich, and it’s time for a conversation!” says the financial coach. Tatyana Zuer.

3. Someone throws money away

Of course you may have contacted someone who already has a large savings account, but according to Pics, that is a red flag if someone is spending money too easily. “It’s often for decoration,” she says. You think it’s a good idea to start a conversation with someone. “Is someone providing a good explanation, or does someone seem to be trying to convince you?”

In the latter case, according to Zuer, it’s a good idea to be careful with your date. “This person may be reckless with money, but it is also possible that the person does not want a serious relationship.” In this case, someone wants to quickly make an overwhelming impression to start a coup.

4. Someone who has no financial or career goals

Of course, someone may not have any financial or career goals and that need not be a red flag. Still, it’s on the list. It can make it difficult to assess whether or not you are a good fit. “If you ask what someone’s passion is or what someone’s goals are, it can tell a lot about how they handle money,” says the psychotherapist. My life is happy. “That tells us a little bit about what’s important to them. In the end, it’s not about how much money someone makes, but how the person handles money.”

5. Someone has financial debts and is not handling them well

Unfortunately, life doesn’t always turn out the way we want it to and it can happen that you’re dating someone who is in debt. most important things first, So this doesn’t have to be a red flag. It is important to know what kind of debt it is and how someone deals with it. “Someone can have a mortgage or a student loan, and that’s different from credit card debt,” says the money expert. Nicole Payne.

Carson adds that this is a bad sign if someone has to borrow money to make ends meet. “This could mean that someone is not very good at money. It is important to know if it is a temporary financial problem or if there are bigger problems.”

6. Someone is lying about money

Lies are never good. No lies about money either. After all, you want to be able to count on each other 100 percent. “Lying about finances can negatively affect your relationship,” Said said. Lying about money can drive two people apart, but it can also exacerbate money problems.

Now it’s a good idea to always be honest about money. And Saeed knows that this is difficult. We associate money with independence and admitting that your finances aren’t in good shape can cause feelings of shame and inadequacy. “It is important that these feelings are acknowledged and that you can do this together as a couple to work through the problem together.”

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