Zoo director in the making, he almost got caught

DALFSEN – There was a unique piece of theater last Friday at Stoomfabriek. Not just any theatre, but a show by a local artist, a lecturer. No one other than green gardener Gopi Bekedam ensured that the hall would be sold out completely. His performance was a huge hit and the audience literally doubled in laughter, not for a few minutes but the entire time he was on stage. The room was too small this time!

Visitors enjoyed and laughed even more when he explained the story of the April 1 joke that had been running in Dalfsennet for weeks. That was in 2018. It started innocently enough then. Photographer HH Dalfsen was doing a photoshoot that Joop was posing next to a zebra. It really looked like the picture that zebra was judging. That was then posted with the question if goy sometimes starts a zoo: Jo, where I actually plan. It was not said to the deaf, and then the nature of the translation really began. And what fun we had behind the scenes.

Each time the story went on, an image of an excavator that had already started moving sand was added. At the moment, they are already busy fencing part of his 10-hectare land. For the record, the garden wouldn’t be 10 hectares, let’s start with about 2 hectares. I should be able to handle it.

the animals

Keeping animals without a license is my hobby. In addition to writing the pieces on the Dalfsennet in the dialect, just in the March dialect, I am now starting to buy the first animals. He expects to be able to release the first (predatory) animals at the end of this month, early April. There will also be a place for the notorious meaty one. In the future, we are even thinking of starting a catering company in the property, but we want to wait and see what happens first. Finally, there are quite a few camping sites in the area with guests who love this trek. If there’s more news to report, I’ll share with Dalfsennet, so you can read it here.

Keep getting better every time

The large fenced photos featured the caption Ooster Dalfsen Zoo with hours of operation on it. Every time just shovel on top.

Someone offered a wolf, but it still had to be caught, and I offered alpacas and all sorts of other animals. According to the story, an animal also escaped: of the fleeing felines, one returned.

We’ve actually managed to keep this quiet for so long assuming we need a permit for it. Fortunately, you have to get around the rules as a hobby. Everyone comes to see my hobby when it opens later in the spring. I hope that the new residential properties will not be affected by the noise, otherwise I will also have to build an earthen wall. Take a look at how much it costs. First respect. After all, animal sounds are also part of living outside.

Now the people of the congregation had also awakened and sharpened because they had to deal with this little man before.

The goal was to open at Easter, unfortunately we weren’t going to get it, the frost delayed things by a week. It should happen in early April. We will also join the Association of Zoos in the East of the Netherlands.

And on Sunday people can watch the first wildebeest, even then for free. Just follow the burden indicator, because I can’t estimate how many people will come.

The volunteers themselves were invited to do volunteer work, at the cash registers, tending the animals and fattening the barns. Gopi saw so many applicants turn up and had to speak up. (And also later that must disappoint.

All hands on deck, it’s already March 18th (almost April 1st) OOSTERDALFSEN – No, not mid-April, but Sunday with poasn, Oosterdalfsn Zoo is open from 10am. Business is going well, according to the zoo director. Who was able to do the best with a whole group of friends yesterday. The awakened animals come, bring food, and set the dishes.

The police on the roof and the hell separate them in (beautiful!!!)

OosterDalfsen Zoo’s plans will likely run more smoothly. This morning they came to watch from law enforcement. It is not yet certain if someone is allowed to keep elephants (which do make a lot of noise) in their backyard for a hobby. Once they walk there, you can also look at them, and no one can stop you from doing so.

But there’s more to it than that, Joop will also have to keep compost books. The sounds must not exceed a certain number of decibels. As it seems now, everything will move forward, but he still has to comply with some additional clearances in six months,

Because what he now thinks to classify everything as a hobby is still the question. With time a solution will be found. The Zoological Society of East Holland (did it exist at that time?) would help him in this difficult matter.

For now, nothing stands in the way of opening at Easter. When asked if he wasn’t afraid of Oosterdalfsen’s new residents or who might get in the way of finding his garden, Joop said: That’s very nice for those kids in this new ward. You no longer have to take the train north of Emmen. Closer she can’t get it. And see what difference it makes in time, to here or to eminem. Take a look at what you’re tracking with money.

measure of opportunity

Joop also read that article this morning about the Municipality’s Opportunity Pool, which has €15,000 available for new opportunities for entrepreneurs. He will immediately apply not for a piece of that much, but given the investment, he wants to go for everything.

Easter Mondays from 10:00 a.m. You can visit Dierenpark Oosterdalfsen on Welsummerweg near Groene Joop. Due to a startup/beta run, you haven’t paid any entry costs yet. Just follow the instructions of the parking people, they will help you further, and you can use the land for the neighbours.

It is of course impossible for anyone to start a zoo. Certainly not on the edge of the new building. Joop has agreed with law enforcement officials in Dalfsen municipality that he will work on his permit application after Easter. The time before Easter was too short to arrange all this.

On April 1, the park opened

Hundreds of cars have appeared along the green world of Jubi. What a joke and horn, all from people who had a lot of fun and see the humor in this joke.

This most delicious story was brought up by Joop last Friday at the theatre. What an atmosphere and this performance will definitely not stay with one night. Joop still has future plans.

You can of course read on this site when the next performance. But be sure to buy a ticket in time, because it is sold out again.

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