The KNHS Council of Members approves the annual budget and plan for 2023

Last Thursday evening, the KNHS Council of Members met for the 85th time in its existence. The main items on the agenda during this special edition were the KNHS Annual Plan 2023, Budget and Licensing Regulations for Officials 2023-2025.

Patrice Assendelft, the newly appointed Director General of KNHS, met him in his first months at KNHS. Ascendelft saw a standing ovation in his prime and gained many good impressions during his Cross Country Tour. “On the one hand, everything is new, but much is the same as an association director. It is important for the future that we work together within this sector. We need to become more visible to the outside world and spread our vision and core values.” Ascendelft is also excited to collaborate with FNRS and KWPN. “Of course there are differences, but we all want to work together and create more activities at the National Equestrian Center.”

Annual Plan 2023

Assendelft also provided members of the KNHS Council of Members with a further explanation of the annual plan for 2023 that had been sent out earlier. “It is a professionally composed annual plan that clearly shows what we are all working on. Horse care, the promotion of equestrian sport and positive influence on public opinion are among the spearheads. As KNHS we will have to take on our leadership role in the field of horse care. We have to demonstrate the social value of the horse and the unique relationship between the horse and man in the outside world. Plans to celebrate 100 years of organized equestrian sport in 2023 were also discussed in the annual plan.’s fully renewed development can also count on enthusiasm. The delivery is scheduled for the first quarter of 2023. A number of Council Members have already provided input on the 2023 Annual Plan and it has now been approved without further discussion.

The number of memberships is stable

Fortunately, Chief Financial Officer Theo van der Meulen has received a lot of positive news. He was able to report that the number of memberships has been consistent over the past three years. Also, the number of starting passes remains constant and is slightly higher than expected. The number of initiations processed decreased somewhat, but the number of matches remained more or less constant.

The 2023 budget has been approved.

Subscribe to jump pilot

The jump subscription trial has achieved 1000 sign ups so far, which is very satisfying. This experimental system will run until April 2023. It is still too early to introduce this system into taming. The numbers involved are several times larger and this faces many practical problems. The final conclusion was that 2022, as it now appears, could close with a somewhat positive outcome.

New licensing regulations officials

Board Member, Augie Krondijk, outlined the renewed licensing regulations for officials which will take effect in 2023 and will in principle run through 2025. These licensing regulations were drawn up in part by the Dressage Forum and approved by both the Dressage Forum and the KNHS Council.
Horse care and ‘good riding’ are key KNHS pioneers and are best secured in these licensing regulations.

The main changes are:

  • The term will be extended from 2 to 3 years, in practice from January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2025;
  • admin function added;
  • The pony counter is also obliged to work several times;
  • For dressage judges, it is now the duty of supervision many times over. In fact, this is now in line with the duties of showjumping stewards and is a good move to enhance the protection of horses in the front yard;
  • Added the ability to bid farewell to officials. Of course only with a careful procedure.

In the event of the event, the front yard for dressage and jumping is also supervised. In the cross, this task falls on the shoulders of the hurdle judges, who pass the positions on to the representative of the union present who, if necessary, prepares a report, on which the enforcement department takes action, if necessary. The changes have no effect on other disciplines.

After a short discussion, the licensing regulations were approved.

Source: KNHS

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