What if the child does not accept a new partner? Ten Parenting Questions About Divorce

Among the couples who separated in 2021, just over half had one or more children, according to figures from the Central Statistical Office. So it’s no surprise that this topic is often discussed in the Nurturing section, where Anime Leclerc presents questions from readers to experts. The NRC selected ten questions about parenting after divorce. From how you deal with “bonus kids” to whether it’s a bad idea to use a different parenting style than your former partner’s.

1How do you keep warm when teens don’t feel compulsive sleep?

The “extra mother” feels between two extremes. Her partner’s teenage kids are sometimes home for the weekend, against the boys’ wish. Children retire in their rooms or behind their cell phones. Her partner tries to force her into teamwork by taking measures, but this is counterproductive.

In such situations, it may help to sit down and talk about everyone’s feelings. In this episode of Raid Experts explain how to start a conversation.

2Is it bad for divorced parents to use different parenting methods?

A reader with children between the ages of 6 and 10 has an idea that the children in her home make up for their father’s strict discipline by grumbling and demanding too much. How do you deal with parenting styles that differ?

After a divorce, it often takes a while to find your own way of raising children. Different styles are not necessarily bad for children. Expert explanation How to develop your own parenting style and include children’s desires in it.

3Can you ask your stepfather to treat your child differently?

Can you ask a stepfather to be kinder to your child while raising his children with a tough hand? A father who has a mildly autistic son wonders, because the boy sometimes comes home upset about his stepfather’s strict measures.

It is up to the child’s mother to address the partner on the matter, according to the experts consulted. But if this connection goes bad, Is there another solution?.

4What if the child decides to visit at a lower rate?

During a divorce, the time children spend with both parents is often split up. What if a child indicates at a later age that he or she would like to visit a parent more often?

In this episode of Raised, the reader wonders if he should keep his daughter on her regular schedule or if that’s better To accept her wish to set separate dates.

5Can you show the kids that you’re angry with your ex?

After discovering something upsetting about his ex-wife, this father finds it difficult to act cheerfully and comfortably while transporting the children. His two daughters, aged 10 and 12, noticed it, so should he share his anger with the children for their mother?

Complicated things are a part of life, even for children. Clinical psychologist Liesbeth Groenhuijsen sees the discussion of feelings as an educational opportunity. But it is important that Some things to consider.

6How do you deal with a child who does not accept a new partner?

A divorced father wants to involve his new partner more in his life and his children. But his youngest son does not like women.

You don’t want too much too soon, counseling therapy education expert Zoe Reagan. And see step by step what the son can deal with.

7What is the role of grandparents after divorce?

The reader would like to encourage her grandchildren to talk about their parents’ divorce. She wants to know what is happening to the children and how they cope with the situation. Can she encourage them to do so, or is it better to wait until they come up with their own stories?

Clinical psychologist Liesbeth Groenhuijsen and clinical education professor Ria Balm advise on this. What grandparents should and should not do in such a situation.

8Should you keep doing family stuff with your ex?

Celebrating kids’ birthdays together or eating together occasionally. There are couples who, after a divorce, continue to do things together for the sake of the children. One reader asks, is this good for children, or does it continue to open the wound of divorce.

It depends on how recent the divorce is and how the parents deal with each other. Experts say in this episode of Learners.

9What do you do if the kids don’t do their homework with an ex-partner?

At home, the divorced reader is subject to a strict regime regarding the homework of her children. They prefer playing games with their father, which leads to poor grades. How do you deal with this?

According to the experts on this episode of Raised, a mother can Influencing the situation by training her children.

10Can you lift alone as well as with two?

An absolute reader who takes care of her two children on her own. She has to keep a lot of balls high and therefore she is sometimes impatient or too indulgent in her opinion. Chuck: Can you grow up alone with two?

The fact that the parent is alone (largely) does not mean that the children are worse off, Says the educational philosopher Stegen Šklink.

Do you have questions about raising your own children or the children (grandchildren) of your other children?

In the Learners section, we present the dilemmas of anonymous readers to the best experts. We’ll be rafting copies of Other Parents Do Something Too, a collection of first volumes from the section, among those who submitted questions.

This section is anonymous, because upbringing difficulties can be sensitive. When you submit a question, you will always receive a response from the author of the educators section.

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