Van de G. talked about the relationship with Esmee: “Cuddle is possible, but no one should really know”

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“You can cuddle. But really no one, but no one, should know it,” is one of the messages from Olivier van de J. (33) To my 14-year-old name. Her body was found lifeless on New Year’s Eve in a park near Melchior Treublaan in Leiden. Her gymnastics teacher, 33-year-old Van DJ, was arrested the same day. The two seem to have been dating each other for a long time, including sex. Van de J is suspected of strangling the teenager and accused of adultery. Monday is the substantive hearing of the case. After that, the Public Prosecution announces the verdict.

“I don’t really know anymore,” said 33-year-old Olivier van de Gee sobbing in court on Monday when a judge asked about the moment 14-year-old Esme died. The last thing he can remember is sitting on her and seeing her appearance, says Van de J. “The first thing I remember after that was a feeling in my forearm, a muscle spasm, and a wetness in my leg. I lay my name down with her back on my stomach. I put my arms around her throat. I felt in her neck if I could find a heartbeat, but it wasn’t there,” cried van de J. “I started to panic more and more.”

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Fights are more common, according to the suspected gymnastics teacher. As on December 30th. As is often the case, Esmee and Van De G. play with each other after a fight. To get rid of anger and anger or to calm an argument. It just didn’t happen this time,” says Van D.J. emotionally. The fun is getting out of hand. “I got her off the bed and she got down on the floor through some kind of judo-like motion and then we ended up on the floor together. I didn’t want to hurt her.” She then lays my name on her back, and Van Die sat on her. “I saw in her eyes a rage, ferocity, and hatred I had never seen before.”

clear paths
After Van de G. finds out that Esmee is dead, he tries to erase as many traces of the relationship as possible, says the suspect. He rides her bike, takes her by bike to the park at Melchior Treublaan in Leiden, and then leaves her here. He threw her phone in the water and went home by himself. Here he also decides to erase as many tracks as possible.

Esmee’s body was discovered on New Year’s Eve by a woman walking her dog in a park near Melchior Treublaan in Leiden. Then you approach a group of athletes, after which one of them takes a closer look. Her body is lifeless on a tree. The teenage girl from Hazerswoude-Rijndijk was reported missing by her parents on Thursday evening, December 30, around midnight. On the day Esmee’s body was found, her gymnastics teacher at Leiden Van de G was immediately arrested.

suspected of adultery
In addition to strangling Esme, Van de J. The police eventually found about 275 child pornography files on his phone and mobile device. The suspect says he recognizes Esmee when he is training at her school. At the time, Esmee was in group 8. Van de G. goes to camp, after which Esmee adds him on social media, according to Van de G.. She was 12 years old at the time. “At first, she often sent ‘hello’ or ‘hello’ short messages which were really nothing,” the suspect says of the beginning of their contact.

“Then I sent out Instagram Live invites and asked if I wanted to join. At first I refused, but kept asking over and over again. I looked at it at some point.” Then there were more conversations, says Van de J. “We talked about how stupid she was to think that school was or about the problems she had in class. Fights with girlfriends and boys and teenage problems. Sometimes it was just listening, sometimes I was given advice also on how to deal with that.”

Share more feelings with us
Later, Esmee became more open and shared more feelings. She talked about problems with her living situation. It just felt like a corollary of the previous conversations.” Esmee then goes to special education. The judge asks “Do you think this is a child with additional problems?” says Van de G.

After that, the two had also agreed several times and Esmee had feelings for him, according to Van de G.. “I didn’t know it at first. She said she liked the boy, but she doesn’t know how to tell him. I later found out that she was talking about me and she expressed her feelings.”

To distance yourself?
The judge asks, “Wasn’t this time to distance yourself?” “Yes…,” Van de G says. “At that moment I thought about maintaining that connection.” He just doesn’t stop talking. Soon the two hug. You can cuddle. But really no one, absolutely no one, should know it,” says a message sent by Van de G. to Esmee, according to phone records.

Soon after the hug follows a kiss on the mouth. According to Van de G., there is also affection on his part for her. In the end, there is a sexual relationship between them. “It built up over a longer period of time. We talked about things like this. I said she had to make it clear if she wanted to continue and that she had to say it if she didn’t want something,” says van de J. about this matter. According to the judge, Esmee becomes more gloomy after this and suffers more from problems. She will also be worried about Van de G., who herself feels lonely during the Corona period and is also bleak. According to Van de G., Esmee sometimes threatens to reveal the relationship. But it turns out she threatened me with it if I didn’t respond, to provoke a reaction. The first time I was very shocked, but then I knew why she said that.”

Looking for help
Judge, “Didn’t you think for a moment, this would be too intense? I need to get help?” “Yes, but then the relationship will also become known,” replied Van de J. “I had no idea how to continue it or how to complete it. In the difficult moments I tried to go back to moments in the beginning, when it was fun.”


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