“That afternoon studying at school is already driving me crazy!”

Shirley is a mother of two elementary school children. After years of working for herself at home, she now works out three days a week. Three days in the office, that is. It must be administered with one day of childcare and two days of work during school hours. However, the school’s schedule throws a spanner in the works after two weeks of work.

How do other working parents do it? Afternoon study at school is already driving me crazy! “

private company

“Even before I got pregnant, I worked full time from home. With my own company, I could organize my working hours myself and decide if I wanted to work at home or in a coffee shop. When the kids were born, that didn’t change. Although I worked a little, Except I didn’t need extra childcare.Two days at nursery school and then primary school gave enough hours to work.The kids also got used to the fact that mom sometimes had to work when they were at home.No problem.Everything was well arranged

on the payroll

You thought it was a dream job. Doing your own thing from home and being able to be there for the kids in the meantime. For years I thought that too. Until I wanted to find another challenge. Working with someone else again, working with a team to achieve a good end result and more stability in the form of wages rather than self written bills that vary in amounts per month. I was looking for more of a challenge, but also more peace. This year I found the job I was looking for: as an editor in a nice company in the region.

Zero hour contract

The company immediately thought well. The waiting lists at BSO were huge, but in the end I was able to get childcare one day a week. So I decided in consultation to work a full day and two days during school hours. That could be up to about 20 hours a month. Since I don’t have childcare during the holidays and sometimes have a school day, we both agreed I’d get a no-hours contract. Then we make a monthly schedule. So sweet for a mom who is also indispensable at home.

Additional afternoon study

Implementation will take place before the completion of listing your application. The contract was signed, the November schedule was drawn up, and now I’ve been working for two weeks with pleasure. But what’s up with the extra afternoon study, an hour’s rest the day before and other craziness where I have to be present? I’ve just started working, and indeed, the afternoons that have been laid out on the agenda are driving me crazy!

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All these years I have had the luxury of adapting my agenda to that of children. Also: All these years my partner had the luxury that I was the one who could adjust my schedule accordingly. Sometimes he drives on a field trip, but he definitely doesn’t get a chance to suddenly say at 2 p.m., “Joe, my kids are out early so I’m out!” Have they gone out before? Then I was on time in the school yard. Did someone have to lead a field trip? No problem, I will. Now I just feel: How do other working moms do it? I have a question if I really can’t drive to ski, if I can’t really bike to the gym and if I really can’t go to the library because they don’t have enough parents.

I’ve just had six days of work and I feel incredibly fulfilled, but I already feel very guilty about school and the kids. I can’t go on these outings, but at the same time I have to meet with my employer before December to make a full schedule of adjustments. An hour earlier, on the afternoon of the study, and yes, the youngest has to go to the hospital on Thursday at 1pm because there really is no other choice.

hats off

I have now been able to arrange it so well with my business that it is done in consultation. That I’d be home to the boys in the afternoons for free, that I could leave in time to make an appointment at the hospital and that I didn’t even have to work during the holidays, and therefore couldn’t make an appointment with me. I am very grateful for that. But if you have a permanent contract with a fixed number of hours that you can not deviate from?

in divisions

The waiting lists for BSO are getting longer and longer, as a parent expects you more and more at school and our desires in terms of careers increase. My agenda is full of everything that is expected of me, who arranges what and how things are taken care of. I take my hat off to all the moms who find themselves in this split and hallelujah, and I’m so grateful to the fans who can help out sometimes. It’s something you want to be a working mom.

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