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Today Saint Nicholas will return to Volendam with his retinue. At about 5.30 pm the steamer from Spain again docks at our port. Of course we hope good weather and good weather and many Sinterklaas kids welcome on Dijk and along the way.

Before the large illuminated boat enters the port, a large fireworks display from Noorderhavendijk will be on display. The committee is committed to making it a wonderful, beautiful and fun arrival.

a program

  1. An interactive entertainment program will be held in Haven from approximately 4.45 pm, presented by Jenny and Monique Smit. The necessary Sinterklaas songs will also be played and an attempt will be made to contact the Sint-Nicolaas boat.
  2. At 5:30 p.m., the Sint-Nicolaas boat enters Volendam Harbor.
  3. After mooring in Afslag, Mayor Sievers welcomed Sint-Nicolaas and loyal Pieten.
  4. After Sinterklaas is on the pier, it will walk from the harbor via Brugstraat to Jozefstraat. During the entire route, the righteous saint would shake hands with many of the children present and Peyton would deliver the godparents.

Modify the route through the village

via St. Jozefstraat, CJ Conijnstraat, Kielstraat to Burg. Van Baarstraat, then via Boelenspark and straight at the roundabout to Saturnusstraat. Near the Arnold Cafeteria turn left onto Plutostraat to the end of the Schoolstraat, and at the end turn right onto Julianaweg. Then cross the Meidoornstraat to the football complex at FC Volendam.

Sinterklaas escalated to Jozefterrein

For safety reasons, the saint no longer takes the road through the village on his horse Amerigo. Moreover, the faithful animal becomes too old and therefore cannot be present. The beautiful classic mobile in which Sinterklaas can already be seen last year will be used again this year.

The cooperation of residents along the route and visitors in and around the port

This year again a lot of work has been done to make the entry process work. However, you can also make an important contribution to a successful entry by following the following rules: Due to safety measures, there should be absolutely no audience at the bottom of the port and exit.

The audience is not allowed inside the crowd barriers either. As in the last year, supervisors and committee members will take care of this. Please follow the recommendations of these moderators and committee members carefully. Governors and committee members will be clearly recognized by their brightly colored jackets and coats.

Parking around the road. Watch out for the streets with tow lists

Due to the growing crowds and heightened security, parking is prohibited on the streets below.

Parking is prohibited on the following streets from 2:30 pm to 7 pm:

  1. The entire Jozefstraat up to the corner of Conijnstraat including. Parking in the parking spaces after the turn is permitted.
  2. Conijnstraat on both sides in house numbers 26 to 42 and 19 to 23 (complete part of Jozefschool).
  3. Parking is also prohibited at the bend near the church to Kielstraat.

Note: Expensive towing costs are for your own account.

The organization requires you to use the parking lots in Parallelweg and Marinapark. You do the police, the commission and of course all the entry visitors great service.

During entry, Zuideinde in Pieterman and exit to Kathammerstraat will be cordoned off by municipality and police from 4pm and a roadblock will be put in place near Café de Boer in Haven. All this to prevent traffic from driving over Dijk between 16.00 and 18.30.

All access roads (alleys) to the port from Brugstraat to Restaurant de Groene will also be maintained free of charge by authorized traffic controllers. Therefore bicycles are not allowed here. Traffic monitors will also divert traffic on the Edammerweg to Dril. We rely on your understanding of these traffic procedures.

More than 70 petites do their best while entering to provide everyone with sweets. Sint-Nicolaas once again saved a big container with gingerbread cookies and candies for Volendam this year, so that should work. We wish all Volendam a nice arrival. Let’s make it a great party for our kids.

PS On behalf of the Sint-Nicolaas Commission, we would like to thank our trade association, Ondernemend Volendam, for the beautiful fireworks. When shopping, think of our local entrepreneurs!

Sint-Nicolaas Volendam Commission

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