Who is Jane Johnson, who was found dead in a coffin in her home?

For years, American Jane Johnson has been cleaning up at various addresses in Amsterdam. In October, police found her body in a coffin at her home in Jonge Roelensteeg. Boyfriend Bass is suspected of murder. Who was Jane Johnson?

Water lomans

“I always warned Jin about Bass. That boy was Bad NewsHe looks sad,” says the man who just said goodbye to Jane Johnson at De Nieuwe Ooster. “Jane was a good person. but it was nut case. ”

He’s not the only one who has come to pay Johnson his last respects. The funeral was attended by about 25 people. Among them are a few people from the cafe a few doors from her home in Jonge Roelensteeg. Some of the people she used to clean with, including a well-known writer. And also some people she still does this with and a few friends and acquaintances from the city.

It took nearly a month for Jane Johnson to be buried. The Public Prosecutor had previously not released her body, which led to an investigation into her death.

Before she was found, on October 6, Johnson had been missing for about a month. The American had been living illegally in Holland for many years and led a reclusive life. This was remembered during the short funeral service. However, this is not the reason for its loss for so long.


Who was 65-year-old Jane Johnson and why was she murdered? Speak to find answers to those questions The password With twelve people who tested it. Since many are still not clear about how Johnsen got to her end, they want to do so on anonymity basis.

None of them can know exactly who Jane Johnson was before she came to Holland. “I even wondered if that was her real name. Jane Johnson also looks like Jan Jansen,” says one of them. The families she works in heard fragments of them. Excerpts from a past life that once happened in the United States. Jane was to be adopted, she has a sister. Raised in California. They studied botany. I worked in casinos in Reno, Nevada. Finally, in the early 90s, they traveled to Amsterdam for love.

The relationship ended. In his mid-thirties, Johnson immersed himself in the nightlife. At Melkweg I met Sebastian, aka Bas. He is 12 years younger than Johnson, makes music and is a DJ. “It was a strong relationship,” recalls the person who lived the couple at that time. “A lot of fighting. Attract and then repel.” Bass is a rather special person, and not everything he says is always true. He tells those around him that he will sail to Cuba by boat. When people ask Johnson if that’s really the case, she sighs and says, “You know what a bass looks like, right?”

George and Chobe cats

Johnson became involved in soft drugs in those years. In this world it is known as a little spot. She is said to be trying to steal communications. At least three sources reported that she spent some time in prison in Germany at the beginning of this century. It’s unclear why, although everyone assumes it has something to do with drugs.

Everyone knows Jane Johnson as a cleaning lady. She is good at her job. It cleans homes thoroughly. Through word of mouth, she has been able to build up a regular clientele that in some cases will be cleaning for many years.

She lives on the second and third floors of a small house in Jonge Roelensteeg, between Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal and Kalverstraat. She also takes care of her cats there. George is a good guy, and Chubby Tom is a fake brown. Although the beast attacks every now and then, she still takes care of him. Bass is also still a part of Johnson’s life towards the end of the last decade. She says they have a “little” relationship. But she sometimes calls it a “wrong choice.”

Except for a few words, Jane does not speak Dutch. She is someone with a heart on her tongue. When you don’t like something, she makes it clear. She is fighting endless battles with her owner and in some homes she is tired of her angry speeches. In turn, she sometimes showed herself as warm and caring. Then the “old hippie from California” suddenly becomes a woman who sometimes permanently affects the lives of the people she visits with her advice.

unconventional opinion

Although people ask about her background, she usually remains a bit vague about it. As someone said, “What do you really know about your home helper?”

In some homes, they find that Jane Johnson takes up a lot of space. She sits down and takes food from the fridge and starts a conversation with the visitor. While the wine goes smoothly, she doesn’t hide her unorthodox opinion on things like vaccines and medicines.

She said several times that she cared for a “friend” who had cancer. It has nothing to do with him, she says, but he lies with her on the couch. You give him a man of parsley you are trying to cure. It turned out to be bass. He has told several people that he has cancer, although this is frankly questionable in the neighborhood. Especially because he regularly walks down the street while drunk. He was also arrested because he went crazy.

“They often argued,” says a neighbor. In addition, there are stories – unconfirmed – that Bass tried to kill Johnson twice. Despite this, Johnson, known to be someone who doesn’t allow himself to eat cheese from bread, is still stuck in a toxic relationship. Thinking of going back to America, she even left a cleaning job for some clients. But in the end she stayed in Amsterdam.

Multiple sources indicate that Jane Johnson has slipped into alcoholism in recent years. In addition, or perhaps because of this, she often extends hospitality to the families in which she cleans. Ensures that they are no longer welcome here and there.

To America

On about September 8, Johnson was suddenly gone. Still owes money from the cleaning business. Oddly enough, she didn’t come to pick it up. They are known to be very accurate. “I called her for a week,” one said as she was cleaning. “When I went to go to the police, I realized I don’t even know her last name.”

Many people go to Johnsen’s home in Jonge Roelensteeg. There they meet Bass. He tells that Jane left for America to settle a death in her family. “I thought it was very strange, as far as I know she never went home again.”

Others are sounding the alarm. An employee at the café next to Johnson’s house goes to the police officer. When the police ring the bell, they meet Bass. He also told clients that Jane had left for America.

When the police asked for flight data, it appears she hasn’t traveled. They didn’t see Johnson in the Salvation Army either. The fact that Bass made a false statement makes him suspicious. On the evening of Wednesday, October 5, the police raided the house. Bass was arrested. Although the house is small, Johnson’s body was not found that day.

Eventually, the investigator found her remains a day later in a coffin in an empty cannabis nursery at home.

Free spirit

What exactly happened at the house at the beginning of September is still under investigation. The Public Prosecution Office now suspects that Bass M. The murder and transportation of the body of Jane Johnson.

Bass M. denies, through his attorney, that he killed Johnson (see also box). He admitted that he put the body in the coffin.

Whether all questions regarding Jane Johnson’s life and death will be answered is highly questionable. Farewell to the woman lying in the tomb 65-34 of De Nieuwe Ooster, one of her friends discussed her life. “In the twenty years that I’ve known you, I’ve often been Royal pain in the ass. But you were also unconventional and smart. I was real Free spirit I will miss you.”

Bass M.’s story.

At first, Bas M was silent, on the advice of his attorney. He has since made a statement. He denies that he killed Jane Johnson. He admitted to putting her body in a coffin. “When my client came home, she was dead in the house. He panicked,” says Dennis Coppins, Bass M’s attorney.

“My client was afraid that he might suspect Mrs. Johnson’s death. In addition, Jane Johnson planted light drugs and my client was afraid that he might be suspected of doing so. Neither of them had much to do with power, which is why the police were not called. He decided to say goodbye to Jane Johnson in his own way and puts it in the coffin and in grow room in to set up a home.”

Bas Em vehemently denies that he was violent against Johnson. “They had a private relationship for a very long time. They could not live with or without each other,” Coppins said. Defense attorneys declined to answer questions about the exact cause of Jane Johnson’s death.

When the lawyer was asked that the house must have started to smell foul, the lawyer said, “The police did not smell the smell when they entered the house to arrest my client. So apparently everything went well.”

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