IBOP Belgium: 85.5 points for Painted Black daughter Next D’Or

Morgan Barbancon painted in black

In Gilles (Belgium), the black-painted daughter of Next Door (ds. Chippendale) from breeder PC Van de Horn achieved the highest score of the day with a score of 85.5 points. In all, seven of the seventeen horses who succeeded earned 80 points or higher.

“Patented mare that likes to work and walks well from back to hand throughout the performance. Walking shows a lot of use of the body with a lot of range and tact, we gave a 9 for this. On the trot the mare has a good kick, nice feather in it and back leg Powerful. The trotting is carried well also with strong use of the rear leg. The quiet tilt was remarkable, as the horse moved well across the body, with suppleness and plenty of carriage. Therefore, it also gave us a 9″ rideability and operability,” says Inspector Marianne Dorestijn. About Next D’Or. The four-year-old mare was provisionally keur and D-OC, with this result adding elite predicates and IBOP-dr to the list.

84 points for Glock’s daughter Tutu Jr.

Four-year-old Naturique C-Two (Glock’s Toto Jr. x Don Schufro, Carmeliet-Leybaert breeder) came from Make It Work C-Two BV as a D-OC pony book and came home with an elite palate. She scored 84 points for her IBOP and 80 points for compatibility. “A very elegant and attractive mare with a beautiful appearance. The walk is very clean, with good bend in the joints and active from the back. The trot is light-footed, sometimes a little rushed, but the mare has also shown that she can switch easily and can get back on the back leg. The trotting is light The foot is well enclosed. Dorresteijn explains that it is a mare that shows a lot of effort and “goes” naturally, but is still beautiful.” The Persians received 8 for trotting, moreover there was only 8.5 in her protocol.

CK champion lives up to expectations

Breeder Odessy van de Kerkhoeve (Zippo EG x Don Schufro) De Kerkhoeve, Turnhout’s CK champion last summer, has managed to impress once again. The big-frame chestnut has been upgraded to an elite mare thanks to 83 IBOP points. “A very well developed and sympathetic mare with a lot of forehead. Shows a lot of balance in trotting and trotting. She walked with a gentle, calm lean and had a nice neck length. For portability and operability, she got a 9. On the march she can really take a big step.” She has plenty of headroom and purity, and we gave her an 8.5. She also got this rating for posture and balance. What stood out particularly positively was her high working capacity, good body use and a well-closed back leg in the three gaits.”


With a total score of 82, there was also a good result for Iconic B’s four-year-old daughter Nelandia Frieschwijk (ds. Tuschinski, breeder M. Van Wijk) of RH Stables. KWPN inspectors awarded her an 8.5 for trotting, posture, balance and talent as a dressage horse. “This is an elegant and attractive mare with nice forefoot spaces. It stands out especially in its agility and leg technique. It has a very gentle use of the foot.”

81 points

One point less was for Madisson van het Ringhof (For Romance I x Oscar, breeder E. Fikse) owned by R. Willekens. “This is an attractively shaped mare and a light trot. The march is firm and active with good tact. The case has more than enough range, but can show more hauling. It shows good posture, great riding flexibility and is very focused on the rider. We gave it an 8.5 for walking, suppleness and riding.” She was also declared a star with 70 points for formation.”

Sichuan’s daughter

The three-year-old black mare “One of A Kind” (Sezuan x Desperado) from breeder Y. Kaptein also earned 81 points. “This is a long-legged mare with a height of 1.73 m. It has a good walk and a strong, energetic and broad canter. The canter also has good scope and has a strong back leg that recedes. It can expand well in this trail, especially for a three-year-old without accelerating. It shows Lots of commitment and willingness to work, and consequently earned an 8.5 for canter, rideability, and workability. In the book record, this record was declared A-mare as 75/80 keur, provided you met the additional radiation requirements.”


Three-year-old Orenda Jones BK (For Ferrero x De Niro) from BEM Kortrink breeders is provisionally approved at 80.5 points for IBOP in combination with the DO-C Elite datum and previously achieved PROK. “This is a generous, tall mare lined with a beautiful self carriage. The trot is strong, shows a great deal of swing and switching, and it walks gently towards its hand. Walking is robust and good body use. Trotting, rideability and operability was rewarded with an 8.5,” says Dorresteijn.

Source: KWPN

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