Where do you set foot on Sinterklaas? Overview

Below we list the places visited by the saint. Not in order of dates, but by municipality.


On Sunday, November 13, Sinterklaas will come to the Harlem Center with his aides. Sint will arrive between 11:30 and 12 noon with Pakjesboot 13. The steamer will sail from the direction of Heemstede via Spaarne into the city to dock at Koudenhorn around 1 pm. After a short pause, the saint will continue his journey on horseback. The route will start from Koudenhorn and then through Spaarne, Gedempte Oudegracht, Zijlstraat, Nieuwe Groenmarkt, Krocht and Smedestraat and will finish around 2.15pm at the Grote Markt where another festive landing ceremony will be held with Haarlem Mayor Jos Wienen. Then, all the children can shake hands with Sinterklaas and hand over a drawing or take their picture with Sinterklaas. There is a performance by “Singing Piets” on both the quayside and Grote Markt.

Sinterclass entry along the Sparn.© Archive photo United Photos / Toussaint Kluiters

Sinterklaas will also make children happy at Marsmanplein in Haarlem-Noord. It will happen the day before, on Saturday 12 November, between 3 and 4.30 pm. The program starts there at 2 pm. In the lead up to Saturday, there are coloring pages at the mall where kids can win great prizes.


It’s party time at a number of Bloemendaal centers. Sinterklaas will arrive in Bennebroek on Saturday 12th November. At 1.30 pm the saintly man and his entourage are moored at Ringvaart near Jacob van Heemskerklaan. Then Sinterklaas takes a car ride through the village and there is an afternoon party.

Sinterklaas was received in Overveen by Deputy Mayor Nico Heijink.© United Photo Archive / Rob Van Weeringen

Sinterklaas should move to Overveen at high speed on the same November 12th. Festive lighting is already hanging over Bloemendaalseweg in the village and at both entrances to the shopping street is a clear sign indicating Saturday 12 November between 11am and 6pm, due to the arrival of Saint Nicholas. Because, right after the national entry and his visit to Bainbrook, Sinterklaas travels to Overveen. He will reach the shops of Bloemendaalseweg at 3:30 pm. But how, that is the question this year. Musically Sint is accompanied on his tour by De Zotte Zwanen’s doormat orchestra. Before entering, Pietenorkest had already left for Overveen by bus. The orchestra will play and sing with the children from 2 pm in Bloemendaalseweg in front of the shops and at the station. Bloemendaalseweg has been closed to all traffic for safety. After the reception at the station, the procession goes from the station to the large tent in the square near the police station. Children will be widely welcomed by Sinterklaas after Mayor Elbert Roest’s speech. Children can also submit their drawings to Sinterklaas if they wish.

A day later, Sunday, November 13, Saint Nicholas visited the Fuglingang Centre. Sint and his pets will have to undergo “games of the past” during an old Dutch afternoon. At one in the afternoon, Sinterklaas and his assistants arrive at the village square in Coop, where there are also all the children, their parents, grandparents and grandmothers. Next, there is a walking procession through Vogelenzang towards Dorpshuis. An interactive children’s program will start at 2 pm.

About a week later, it was Blomendale’s turn. On November 19, Sinterklaas honors the village with a visit, beginning at the beginning of the shopping street. Jeweler Dodenwaard/Hoogewerf Bloemen’s stand has been set up and around 2 p.m. Sinterklaas will present prizes for the Goed Toys Coloring Contest.


Sinterklaas arrives by boat at Heemstede Harbor on Saturday 12 November around 10.15am. This is followed by a procession through Postlaan to the Raadhuisstraat and Binnenweg shopping district. This lasts up to about 12 hours.

Hence the highlight of the Heemsteed year: On Sunday, November 20, Saint Nicholas will appear to the surface. A true tradition and a household name at Jan van Goyenstraat in Heemstede. It’s a long wait, it’s already getting dark, but about five in the evening the saintly man appears with his retinue on the roof of a building in the shopping street.


Sinterclass Arrival at Heligum Port© United Archives / Lauren Bush

Cent will be coming to Hillegom on Saturday 12th November with a steamer. Boat submarine in Heligum Harbor around 10:30 AM. After arriving, he went on his horse in procession to the town hall. Here the mayor addresses him and then continues his tour through the Hillegom. In the afternoon is also the festival of St.


Sinterklaas’ visit to Boulder municipality is not limited to Hoofddorp alone. In fact, he can be seen in many village centers and he has to work overtime.

Saturday 19 November Sinterklaas will arrive by boat at Halfweg-Zwanenburg. The village council has announced that thanks to a significant financial contribution from the Voor De Buurt Foundation and sponsorship of local businesses and businesses, access is possible again this year, after all the vicissitudes of Corona. At 11:30 a.m., Sinterklaas will set foot on the beach again and be greeted and spoken by Haarlemmer Mayor Marian Schurmans. The arrival location is the same as in previous years, namely at the jetty in front of the Eetcafé Het Zwaantje in Zwanenburgerdijk, Kerkhoflaan corner. Every visitor gets a cup of hot chocolate there. Next, there is a small tour through Halfweg and Zwanenburg, followed by a children’s show at the Zwanenburg Playground Association. After that, the kids can have their pictures taken with Sinterklaas and they also get a treat to take home.

Also on November 19, there’s a real Sinterklaas Parade in Nieuw-Vennep. Just as in Zwanenburg, Saint Nicholas will arrive around 11:30 a.m. and address all children at the Harmonieplein at the Harmonie Dome. Kids can give him a drawing, hand over a wish list, ask a question or take a picture with Sinterklaas and Piet. Of course there is also music from the band Piet and you can sing and dance.

Sinterklaas arrives at Hoofddorp.© Archive photo: United Photos / Paul Vreeker

Hoofddorp Winkelstad will receive regular visits from the Spanish delegation from Sunday 13 November. From November 13 to every Saturday and Sunday. On the streets of Hoofddorp Winkelstad, Sinterklaas and his assistants decorated six storefronts. In each shop window, children will find a question that can be answered via the QR code on the label. There are many prizes to win. There is a real chocolate factory in Polderplein near Hema. In this factory they work hard to get all the letters of the chocolates on time, in alphabetical order, for the shoes or evening Sinterklaas.

Sinterklaas will also be at Floriande Shopping Center on Sunday 13th November, from 2pm. It will be at Toolenburg Shopping Center on Saturday 12th November, also from 2pm. Kids can take a picture with the saint, shake hands or draw by hand.

Saturday 12 November is Sinterklaas in Badhoevedorp. Arrived around 12 noon in Akerdijk opposite the bike shop (No. 287). Kids can welcome him there at the jetty. Then the saintly man goes on foot to Badhoevedorp.

It will be in Lesserbrook on Saturday 19th November around 2pm. After a walk in the village, a nice party is organized in the building of the De Meerkoet district. ‘Dance with the dancers, cuddle with Sinterklaas or take a picture with Pieterbello’, according to the organisation.

Dijkdorp Spaarndam will receive a visit from Sinterklaas on Saturday 19 November. Entry, organized by Stichting Dorpsfeest Spaarndam, is made possible in part by Ondernemersvereniging Spaarndam and the surrounding areas. Traditionally, Sinterklaas arrives at Lock by boat with his assistants, around 2 pm. After much singing, dancing and handshakes, this is followed by a walk to the village hall, where children’s afternoons are organized with local associations.


On Sunday, November 13, it will be Zandvoort’s turn. Last year, Sinterklaas decided to completely change their access to Zandvoort. For the first time, all kinds of games and activities were organized by Zandvoort entrepreneurs in the village. It was so well received that Sinterklaas decided to make it a big party again this year. At about 11 am, the saintly man arrived by boat ashore at Badhuisplein. Then Sinterklaas goes by car to Town Hall where he will be greeted by the Mayor. All kids can help him from 1pm on stage at Raadhuisplein.

Sinterklaas arrives on the lifeboat.© Archive photo United Pictures / Toussaint Cloutiers

There are many games in the program like making buttons, horse racing, playing table football, stacking gifts, face painting, playing gingerbread, making house hats and much more. The activities will conclude at about 3:00 pm.

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