Watch Brazil Formula 1 GP live and free everywhere

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This is how you can watch the 2022 Brazilian Grand Prix live and for free

You can of course watch the Formula 1 race in Brazil next weekend with Viaplay – if you have a subscription. and a Dutch IP address. However, free F1 streams are also available in other countries, including Switzerland and Luxembourg.

To access these streams (and watch Viaplay from abroad), you’ll need to change your IP address with a VPN. This is how it works:

  1. Subscribe to NordVPN. However, you can’t go wrong with another VPN out of our top 5.
  2. Install a VPN.
  3. Log in and connect, for example, to a server in Switzerland (free streaming via SRF TV) or a server in the Netherlands (Viaplay from abroad).
  4. Open the stream.
  5. Enjoy the races!

Want to learn more about the F1 program this weekend? Or do you want more free streaming options? Then read fast!

on me Friday 11And the Saturday 12 And the Sunday 13 November Formula 1 drivers race on the beautiful Sao Paulo circuit. In the run up to the release Brazilian Grand Prix Until the end of this week InterlagosAs the circuit is usually called, many Formula One fans think of the formidable Brazilian driver Ayrton Senna Back. The Dutch often become Max Verstappen compared to Sina. Among other things by Helmut Marko, Verstappen Racing Consultant Red Bull. Not only is he convinced that Max is the fastest Red Bull driver ever, as he reported in a conversation with Sport 1, but also, just like Senna at the time, has “great car control”.

Verstappen himself doesn’t like such comparisons, but it’s interesting to look for similarities that don’t necessarily relate to the drivers themselves. For example, Cena won his three world titles with the Honda power unit.

Honda power

Once Red Bull Racing Farewell to Renault in 2019 and opting for Honda, Verstappen’s performance rose, and that did not change when the Japanese carmaker decided to officially stop supplying engines to F1 teams, but only in order to ‘support’ the Red Bull team. A decision that Honda recently returned to, because the relationship is close again. Something inseparable from the fact that Verstappen specifically during Japanese GP He won his second world title – as did Cena three times.

Get to know the Interlagos circuit Big differences in height. The straight line from start/finish is much higher than the section where drivers complete their second sector. Long and fast corners alternate with slow corners.

known last year Lewis Hamilton to win the Brazilian Grand Prix. The Briton has outperformed earlier this season in recent races, so he promises to be exciting over 71 laps of the 4,309km circuit! Read in this article how to enjoy F1 Live for free for three days!

Watch the Brazilian Grand Prix for free – anywhere in the world

Viaplay He has it in the Netherlands Formula 1 broadcasting rights. Broadcasts are not free, you have a file Subscription wanted. You can subscribe to Viaplay through the button below. Visit Viaplay

By the way, Viaplay has agreements with Ziggo and KPN. This allows you to add Viaplay to your TV subscription with them.

In the abroad probably impossible To watch the Grand Prix of Sao Paulo through the above channels. This has to do with broadcast rights. Streaming services can learn your location based on your IP address. Are you not in the European Union? Then you may not be able to access it. using a VPN (Virtual Private Network), however, it is possible to circumvent these geographical restrictions.

can also VPN gives access to free foreign F1 streams. This is not difficult! Below we explain exactly how this works.

Free streams of Formula 1? This is how it works

If you use a VPN, you redirect your internet traffic through a remote server and you can connect through another country. VPN hides your IP address. Broadcasting services “think” you are in the Netherlands. So if you’re abroad and have a Viaplay subscription, you can still keep up with the race. Or: If you are in the Netherlands, you use a VPN for Access free streams from the Netherlands In Switzerland, for example, or another country from this table:

This is how you use a VPN if you want to watch the race in Brazil (for free):

  1. Get a VPN Subscription From a trusted provider. We recommend NordVPN. This provider has fast servers in the countries from which the F1 streams are streamed.