The People of Love club Helmond Peland participates in Orange the World 2022

The Helmond Pyland Sisters Club is a fellow #in the fight against violence against women and joins the international Orange the World campaign. For this reason, from November 25, many buildings in the Peel area will be painted orange, and the Orange the World flag will be hoisted on many buildings.

In Helmond, the flag will be raised at City Hall on November 25, by Mayor Blanxma at 11 a.m. In addition, the Kuijpers Installatie, AAE, Remat and other buildings are illuminated in orange. Between November 25 and December 10
On the first day of Orange the World, November 25, a discussion on this topic will take place from 2-4pm at the Pleinzaal of Het Speelhuis, by students from various high schools in the Peel area.

The municipalities of Asten and Someren are also participating in the campaign again this year. This is done, among other things, by the hoisting of the Orange the World flag by the Mayor and Alderman on Friday 25 November at 10:00 AM in Astin Town Hall and 11:00 AM in Someren Town Hall. Two students from Varendonk College also attended the flag raising at Astin City Hall.
In addition, the windmills of Someren and Asten, the Asten Town Hall and many buildings and businesses in both municipalities are lit in orange.

The municipalities of Deurne and Gemert-Bakel raise the flag at Town Hall on November 25. On Monday 28 November, the municipality of Larbeck will also join this tradition.

In addition to raising the flag and lighting (commercial) buildings in orange, we are also drawing attention to the subject by drawing your attention to a Trapped dance performance.

In the dance show TRAPPED, the problem of domestic and intimate partner violence is translated into dance in a beautiful but also poignant way.
Love doesn’t have to hurt. And what if you love someone? What if you care deeply about someone? Then yeah take all his bad sides right? Then you come together, right?
Tension flared in the room as David closed the door behind him and his wife… Dance studio Kunstkwartier led by Luciënne Lambermont. For more information and tickets, see here:

Annual Orange World Campaign
Worldwide, one in three women experiences violence. In the Netherlands, this figure reaches 45 percent of women and girls. In order to draw attention to this, the United Nations designated November 25 as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. On this day, the annual Orange the World campaign against violence against women begins. The campaign will run until December 10, with the days between “16 Days of Global Action against Violence against Women”.

In the Netherlands, the vast majority of municipalities and counties now participate in the campaign every year, for example by highlighting an orange building or displaying the Orange the World flag, and by drawing attention to the city council, county councils and the local community. Spending on combating violence against women and girls.

2022 Theme: Everyone can help prevent violence
In 2022, the campaign theme in the Netherlands is prevention. The focus in addressing violence is often identification, reporting and assistance. These issues are critical, but we also need to invest more in preventing violence by addressing it at its roots. Everyone can contribute to this; Individuals, professionals, organizations, companies and governments. It is especially important to involve not only women and girls, but also men and boys. It is precisely they who can make the difference, for example by confronting each other about infringing behaviour.

Business Perspective: I’m a #buddy
During the Orange the World campaign, everyone is invited to join the solution as an ally in the fight against violence. This can be done by signing the #Affiliate pledge on By this, the site indicates that it is committed to combating violence against women and girls, as an individual or a professional, as a friend, teammate, neighbor or colleague. Supporters receive a newsletter with all kinds of practical advice on what you can do in your daily life to help prevent and stop violence and harassment against women.

Basic information
Over a hundred countries participate in the Orange the World campaign. Offer starts on November 25th and ends on December 10th. These are “16 days of action” against violence against women.

The orange lighting of an important building or something else by governments on November 25 has been a permanent part of Orange the World since 2014. Orange symbolizes a bright future free from violence against women and girls. Internationally, for example, Times Square, Niagara Falls, and the Brandenburg Gate have already turned orange. This is how governments show that they support the war against violence. In the Netherlands, the campaign has been taking place since 2016.

The campaign in the Netherlands is coordinated by UN Women in the Netherlands, Zonta in the Netherlands, and the Federation of League Clubs in the Netherlands, Suriname and Curaçao. In 2022, VVAO, Inner Wheel, YWCA and Safe Home will also be affiliated as official collaboration partners. In addition, there is a close cooperation with Emancipator.

A map of the Netherlands with participating municipalities and counties can be found on the website: The activities of civil society organizations around the Orange the World campaign are also included. Answers to frequently asked questions can also be found on the website:

National coordination campaign Orange the World
UN Women Netherlands It is the Dutch branch of UN Women, the United Nations organization for women’s rights and gender equality. UN Women Netherlands draws attention to UN Women’s work around the world and raises funds; Projects are spread across 90 countries from 60 field offices.

The Federation of League Clubs in the Netherlands, Suriname and Curaçao It has 72,000 members in 121 countries. Sisters of Love experts are committed to improving the rights, status, and lives of girls and women around the world.

Zonta Committed to gender equality. From 1,133 clubs in 62 countries, Zontians are committed to equal rights, equal opportunities, and a better world for girls and women.

Official cooperation partners
VVAO is an international network of educated women, focused on status improvement and lifelong empowerment. VVAO inspires and opens doors, both professionally and personally, and is committed to inclusivity, equality and communication.

Holland inner wheel It has a network of connected, socially engaged and internationally engaged members. With clubs in more than 100 countries on 5 continents, they work under the motto “With each other, for each other and for others”.

Young Women’s Christian Association is a global movement in more than 100 countries working for the rights, empowerment and leadership of women and girls of all ages, cultures, backgrounds and religions. With the aim of changing their lives and thus the world for the better.

safe home It is the advice and reporting point for anyone who experiences (suspects of) violence in dependent relationships. The 25 regional safe house organizations are continuously working together to improve the quality of their work. To this end, they have united into the national security network at home.

Safe Home can be reached 24/7 for free and anonymously at 0800-2000 or via chat on business days from 9am to 5pm.

Editor Engaging men and boys in emancipation and gender equality, by working to change societal norms for men and masculinity around different themes: violence and security, work and care, gender and diversity, relationships and sexuality.

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