Philip Weishaupt is the German professor of Stuttgart 2022, and the third is Harry Smulders

With a great jumping stage, Philip Weishaupt and Krokant (by Canaan) took victory tonight in today’s main class in Stuttgart in the CSI5* competition. Sophie Heiners appears to be heading for the win with FBW Graphik (by Graf Rhapsody) when she tightened Harry Smulders’ time with Uricas vdKattevennen (by Uriko) by 0.25 seconds, but her compatriot had the last start in the jump. .

For the twelve best entrants from yesterday’s 1.50m class and today’s 1.55m class, the main course of the day was on tonight’s menu, The Stuttgart German Masters with a prize pool of €100,000, of which €33,000 went to the winner. Harry Smulders qualified for this final which started with the standings meaning that Smulders, who finished twelfth, was the first to start on this twelve-hurdles, 15-jump course with a maximum height of 1.55 metres. In the jump jump, the number of obstacles was reduced to seven, with the triple jump of the first round becoming a double jump and the double jumping being a single obstacle. One thing was for sure to all involved, they would not saddle the horses for nothing because everyone got a prize and even for numbers 10-12 there is still 2,500 Euros ready.

basic course

The fact that Harry Smulders had to start first with Uricas vdKattevennen (by Uriko) didn’t make a difference to the veteran, because with a sovereign clear run, he qualified first to jump.

Richard Vogel is increasingly knocking on the door internationally and has an impressive collection of horses at his disposal. One of those is Looping Luna (by Lord Fauntleroy) who unfortunately made two fouls for Vogel this time and finished the course with eight penalty points.

Rahmannshof Upgrade (by Ultimo) and Martin Fuchs got a double jump error and were eliminated from the jump.

Mark Delaser had stolen the E2k Abricot Ennemmelle (by Quaprice Bois Margot) for the occasion and that turned out to be a good pick as they finished second in the jump.

Hans-Dieter Dreher and Cous Cous 3 (by Cachas) have been in good shape in recent months, recently finishing second at the Maastricht Grand Prix behind Maikel van der Vleuten. With a bit of luck on the penultimate hurdle he finished the job without errors and was number three in the decider.

Scuderia 1918 Highlight W (s.Berlin) with Lorenzo de Luca also got a jump error so this chapter is over for them.

Luna van het Dennehof (by Prince van de Wolfsakker) was well on his way with Gilles Thomas to also join the net rounds, but a foul in Bulls rear column puts an end to that dream. However, the young Belgian is making good progress and is starting to make his way into the Belgium first team.

Sophie Heiners was the only contestant who managed to qualify for the Masters but that didn’t seem to be any extra pressure on her as she guided FBW Graphik (by Graph Rhapsody) flawlessly to the finish and became the fourth returnee. decisive round.

Drako de Maugre (by Kannan) has shown under the saddle of Patrick Stühlmeyer that you can jump in a great run but still not sign up for the main prize due to a small slip.

Wilm Vermeir and Joyride S (by Toulon) were the fifth pair to keep the score at zero and stay within the allotted time. Turns out that time wasn’t a major hurdle anyway, as no one had yet realized the time was over.

A la Carte NRW (by Abke) has already jumped off the third hurdle, forcing Marcus Enning to rev up to become the fastest four-wheeler. It worked, and because it could start on time so early, this would also still be the fastest time.

Yesterday Phillip Weishaupt won the first qualification of the class and thanks to Crookant (by Canaan) he kept all possibilities open for victory tonight as he crossed the finish line flawlessly and his horse was very fast despite his young age.

Henrik von Eckermann started with Iliana (by Cardento 933) at number one in the rankings as the favourite and the two errors were a huge surprise few expected.

jump off

Smolders immediately opened with a sharp jump phase in which he didn’t drive much, and the time of 36.68 seconds he set on the board would require maximum optimization from the rest of the participants.
Mark Delaser tried but missed and Hans-Dieter Dreherr also failed to keep all poles in the spoons and finished with four penalty points in 36.98 seconds.
Sofie Hinners rode a great jump and managed to improve Smolders’ time by 0.25secs and take the lead in the race. The applause Smulders gave her showed her respect as he realized it was a fine performance by the young German rider.
Willem Vermeer did what he could, but nevertheless could not beat Heiners and Smolder’s time and finished the match in 36.80 seconds.

Philip Weishaupt

The jump jump that German Philip Weishaupt rode with 9-year-old Crookant was amazing. It took more than a second and a half less than Sophie Heiners and was awarded the title of Master of Stuttgart and a sum of 33,000 euros.
Smolders earned €20,000 with the third place finish.


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