Edwin is a children’s DJ: “After love lived I received many happy messages”

This week in the context of a Leiden professional: 33-year-old Edwin. Perhaps this amazing resident of Leiden will seem familiar to you, it is possible! Edwin participated in Long Live Love. We called him!

always happy

When he answers the phone, we instantly recognize Edwin with his lively smile. And we hear one more thing: are we discovering the true Leiden dialect there? “Yes, that could be true. I was born in Leiden and raised in Leiderdorp. Today I live in the main city again.” Edwin is 33 years old and has been working as a children’s DJ for years, although his first intention was to be in front of the class. “I’ve been doing PABO for one year and then found out that keeping the kids cool is none of my business. Haha!” Edwin himself was always a cheerful, cheerful person. “I’ve been happy all my life. Of course there are times when it’s a little less, but I’m always looking for happy mood. It feels natural to me.”

in the camp

So it’s no surprise that Edwin really enjoys his work as a DJ, which he started at the age of fifteen. Running at events, parties and weddings. He also discovers another passion: entertaining children at the camp. I’ve done this for years, at three different campgrounds in France. Even when I had another full-time job, I would take a summer camping vacation. It’s really mine happy place. You’re sitting there in a bubble where cheerfulness and having fun with your guests is the only thing that matters. The outside world does not exist. That’s a great feeling! “

Private photo: Edwin (wearing red pants) as a 16-year-old DJ in his old elementary school

car in the trench

Although DJing and animation keep him busy, Edwin also keeps a job. “I was always convinced that animation and music alone wouldn’t work. I didn’t even dare to try.” So Edwin continues to work in a place that does not suit him for a long time until he ends up exhausted. “I only found out when I had a car accident on my way to the office. It was as if something inside of me decided it was better to drive in the ditch than to work another day,” says Edwin.

Where is the party?

Thanks to his company Blijwin, which Edwin now occupies full time, he can be happy with himself and do what he loves. Edwin plays at parties, festivals, and concerts across the country. When you think of a festival with a DJ, you might quickly think of body sweats, pills, and nights out. When you think of Blijwin’s offerings, it’s best to think of candy, candy, and soap suds. “I have always loved making music and throwing parties for the kids. It is a dream that I really managed to make this my business. Especially now that I have attached a message that works for me: Everyone can be themselves.”

Photo: JC Van Manen

Nothing is too crazy

Unfortunately, Edwin himself often had to deal with negative reactions, for example, his appearance. That people, for example, start singing “Bassie and Adriaan” because my hair is orange. Or I was sent somewhere because my clothes are too colorful.” Edwin wants to encourage originality and diversity.” Especially with kids, because that’s where it all begins. Children should not be afraid to think crazy or weird.”

long live love

Edwin’s participation in the dating show Lang Leve De Liefde also sparked many reactions. “Lots of positives! For example, I get messages from people I once played with, who loved seeing me on TV.” Edwin is also very positive about the way Long Live Love works. Of course you only see a small piece of history on TV, but they manage to convey the essence Well. People who know me have all said, ‘That’s exactly what you are in real life,'” Edwin says.

“I still like the show”

no regret

The fact that there are negative vibes too, for example, his unusual style at his job and his clothes doesn’t get in the way of Edwin seeing his engagement. “I usually let it go easy, it just proves that my post about admission is in high demand. Only in the times when angry viewers called me in did I think it went a bit too far. Fortunately, these are exceptions.” Edwin was a fan of the show and became even more after his participation. “I have absolutely no regrets, my love for the program has only grown.”

future plans

Edwin is going to keep his spot in the spotlight for a while, because there’s a lot to be planned for him. Edwin is working on his own album, two books, and collaborating with a colleague. “Releasing an album with your own songs, that’s really the dream. I see kids enjoying my own music on a show,” Edwin shares. We doubt this story will have a sequel. And who knows… Maybe Leiden will soon have a new celebrity!

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