Children cry after a steamer sank in Sinterklaas News: ‘But Sinterklaas always finds a solution’ | show

sinterklaas . newsWith only one night’s sleep until Sinterklaas hoped to set foot in Helivotslaus, the panic completely resolved. The steamer is so out of the water that it sank, all the pits are still in Spain, and was watched by 1,065,000 viewers last night in Sinterklaas News. Is this the first year that Sinterklaas will not arrive in the Netherlands on time?

On social media, many parents have stated that the story is “too intense” this year. Many children cried because of these pictures. So this morning Omroep NTR decided it was necessary to reassure young viewers – and their parents. “So far, Sinterklaas has always found a solution to the problems he has faced,” a spokesperson for the newspaper said. Sinterklaas News I know. “So we trust Sinterklaas News that he will do it again this time.” NTR does not want to provide more information about the fate of the saint, the boat, and the gifts.

The program has performed well in the past week; All episodes attracted more than a million viewers. Thursday’s episode showed the parcel boat disappearing underwater on its way to Hellevoetslaus. Peyton tried with all his might to save the wet packets.

Water is everywhere

The Dewertje Block jacket, which has the word “mess” in capital letters, immediately suggested at the beginning of the broadcast that things were not going well. However, it seems that Smeerpoets Piet is in the beginning Sinterklaas News To find a solution to a leaky parcel boat: The water comes from the bottom, so all screws on the bottom of the boat must be tightly tightened. It sounds so simple, but Sinterklaas really gave up. I don’t think this boat will ever make it to Holland again. If later it turns out that the water does not come from below, but from above, and the steamer can sink at any moment, then panic among the assistants is also inevitable.

The mayor of Hellevoetsluis still fully trusts Sinterklaas and encourages Rachel to continue his search for the most beautiful spot in town. This was a surprise to Duertje Blok in the studio, because she, too, doesn’t see it coming. When the presenter then asks what Bates is up to, everything seems to get worse. They say without any worries that they will return all the parcels to the dock. They never left by steamer and are still ashore in Spain. How will they reach the Netherlands in two days?

The ship is sinking to the bottom of the sea. © NTR


Recipe Sinterklaas News It’s the same every year: whatever happens, it always works. But a lot of viewers will have reservations about that after last night. Because when Dieuwertje Blok thanks everyone for watching at the end of the broadcast and we see the parcel boat sinking to the bottom in the background, you definitely ask yourself: Will everything be OK this time?

The image of the sinking steamer turned out to be very disturbing to young viewers. “Maybe it will be a little exciting this year? ”, asks a parent of ‘two nervous girls’ out loud. Other parents also told us on Twitter that several kids were sitting in front of the TV in tears last night.

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